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Tree removal – The Options

Looking down a tree lined road as they are all in blossom is a wonderful sight.  However, this is not a sight that will greet many people in the morning!   But, regardless of whether you have one tree or one hundred, there will come a time when a diseased tree looks like it is finally on its last legs.  

Unfortunately, it is not just diseased trees which can be affected; healthy trees can be destroyed in their prime through the hand of nature and a vicious storm.

To Fell the Tree or not?

If your tree is hit by the storm and then falls you will know that a tree removal specialist is the right person to call.  However, if the tree is still standing you should take a better look at it to see if it is damaged.  A tree removal expert can assist you with evaluating the tree and even helping you to decide if it needs to come down in pieces or whole.  Once you have decided that tree removal is the only way forward then you will be able to commission your tree removal and get the process underway.

However, removing the tree or even part of a tree requires the assistance of the specialist tree removal expert.  They will have the right tools and accessories to ensure it is a removed quickly, effectively and safely.  However, there are other options which can be utilized!


Instead of looking at the best way of felling the tree it is possible to simply operate on the tree.  A good tree removal specialist will be able to advise which parts of the tree are a risk and which should be safe.  They will trim where necessary; removing branches and even part of the trunk to ensure the rest of the tree is healthy and stands the best chance of survival.


As well as surgery a tree removal specialist should know about the best method for treating a variety of tree related diseases.  Many of these diseases can actually be caught and cured; if spotted early enough.  If this is not the case an aggressive treatment process can help to preserve the tree.  This may result in a full recovery although this is not a common occurrence and may simply delay the inevitable felling which will have to take place.

It is also worth considering the right approach to removing the tree.

The most obvious one is to hire a tree removal specialist and leave them to bring the tree down in sections.  They will have the equipment, safety gear and experience to do this safely.

However, it is possible to remove the tree yourself; you will need a good chainsaw, a ladder and a harness.  The ladder will enable you to reach where the tree needs to be cut.  All you need to do is decide whether you feel capable of approaching this issue and successfully performing a tree removal or whether you are better to leave it to the professionals.