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Top 11 Facts You Should Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Are you feeling pale, washed out, or in need of an instant beautifying pick me up? Has the phenomenon of spray tanning piqued your interest but you’re too nervous to give it a try? Here’s a number of facts for getting a best spray tan in New York, to put you at ease and ensure a gorgeous glow.

1. Exfoliate
Before getting a spray tan, don’t forget to shower as well as exfoliating all over. If you don’t, you’ll end up winding up with dark knees along with elbows. Exfoliating makes your tan more uniform/even and last longer.
2. Don’t forget to shave or wax
Make your tan last longer by shaving before. Shaving is like exfoliating so best to do before and only as needed post tan. Men, no worries, the tan glides on over legs and through beards. Just talk to your spray tanning professional if you have additional concerns regarding facial hair and shaving post tan.
3. Do your nails
If you are planning to go for a manicure, remember to do it before getting a spray tan. You can use a barrier cream to protect the polish from discoloring, but at Gotham Glow of New York they’ve perfected the technique of ensuring you leave with your perfect manicure in tact, without all the fuss of those messy barrier creams.  Stressed to get all your appointments in BEFORE tanning? Good new, you can still get your nails done post tan, but the bad news is that it can be a file and polish change only - no soaking or scrubbing, and especially no oils or  massage.
4. Choose your outfit cautiously
Avoid any outfit that may end up being stained from the tan. Also, don’t wear anything that can rub your tan off. You might have to consider a dark maxi dress since it doesn’t require you to wear a bra and is versatile enough to be business/casual if needed. Just be careful when dressing up your look and refrain from wearing any jewelry like a necklace or bracelet while still wearing the solution. Any friction might cause your tan to develop unevenly.
5. Be prepare to wear your long hair up in a shower cap.
If you’ve just come from a blow out and are worried about bends or creases in your hair, be sure to bring your own soft headband. Most good salons, like Gotham Glow of New York, will supply hair ties; some less quality salons will supply them for an additional charge.
6. Don’t work out after your spray tan
This is an opportunity to take a day off your workout. You never want to go to the gym or workout with the solution on your body. This would cause a very uneven tan to develop. Post tan and until your first rinse, you must avoid sweating, tight clothes, and anything wet on the skin.  Don’t engage yourself in activities that might make you sweat while your tan is setting.
7. It will smell
Many spray tan solution possesses a distinct smell, but not necessarily a bad smell. You’ll notice definite spray tan smell so be prepared; however, at Gotham Glow of New York, their proprietary blended solution is virtually odorless, lightweight, and easy to wear.
8. Wear your contacts
If you’re usually in glasses, be prepared to not wear them during the spray tan. Your technician will let you put them on to see your tan post tan and then allow you to dry. Think twice before opting for contacts during the spray. If you wear contacts during the spray be sure to keep you eyes closed to avoid any contact with solution. If it’s a hot, humid day you may want to put contacts in post tan to avoid any marks on the bridge of nose, which could happen post tan due to rubbing.
9. Check the weather
Most salons do not cancel due to inclement weather. Be prepared. Take a car service to avoid getting wet. You’ll want to bring an umbrella and cover up as much as possible with loose, dark clothing. If you get wet, call the salon and let them instruct you on what to do before taking matters into your own hands.
10. Moisturize afterwards
Always use an oil free moisturizer during the entire week you have your tan. This will help your tan last longer and ensure a more even fade.
11. Go socks-less
Long, tight tocks are likely to rub the turn, especially around the ankles. So, go socks-less after your spray tan if you foot doesn’t tend to sweat and opt for an anklet sock if you’re wearing sneakers or a leather shoe, to avoid humidity from developing.

Go for the best spray tan in New York
The best spray tan in New York, such as Gotham Glow, should understand your needs and your expectations. So do your research before settling for one. Visit online forums and reviews to find the most experienced service in your area.