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Five Tips for Selecting a Designer Wedding Gown

The most important purchase that a bride will make for her wedding day is her wedding dress. She will want it to be as perfect as possible and she may take months to find the right dress. If you’re considering a designer wedding dress, here are five tips to help you purchase the perfect one.

Set a Budget

Wedding dresses are available at different price points, especially when they are designer dresses. Determine how much you can spend on your wedding dress and stick to it. It can be disappointing to start trying on dresses before figuring out your budget because you could fall for one that you cannot afford. However, if you know what you can spend, you can go into the dress shop and let the clerk know so he or she will only show you dresses that fit within your budget.

Shop Early

If you’re having your dress custom-made, you don’t want to wait too long before your wedding date to order the dress. You should start looking for designer wedding dresses about 12 months in advance of your wedding. 

This gives you time to decide what you want, get a fitting, order the dress, and have any problems fixed before your wedding date. Designers only make so many dresses in a season so you will want to reserve one for your wedding as soon as you can.

Get What Fits

Instead of being obsessed with the size of the dress, buy one that fits your body. Designers all have different size charts so one size eight may not fit but another may seem to be too big for you. So, when you go have a fitting, have your measurements taken and allow the designer to make a dress that properly fits, no matter what size it claims to be.

Consider Shopping Alone

Although you may wish to include your mother, sisters, or friends when shopping for a wedding dress, when you’re ready to make the final decision, consider going alone. You should be true to what you want in a wedding dress and not seek a consensus because their styles may not match yours at all. If you do decide to include others when you select a dress, make it clear before going into the shop that your decision is the only one that matters since it is your wedding day. 

Double-Check Order

Before finalising the order for your dress, double-check it for accuracy. Make sure that it has everything you wanted and agreed to with the designer. If there is a mistake or you don’t understand something written on the contract, speak up before signing or putting a down payment on the dress to ensure that everything will be as you want to reduce the chance of errors.

Research dresses as soon as you can after getting engaged so you know which style you prefer before you need to start shopping for your dress. Then, when you select the style, you can go shopping to pick your perfect dress.