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5 Tips To Compliment Diamond Set With An Evening Party Dress

When it comes to elegance, everyone wants to be the one to break the shackles of conventional rules. Thus, while draping a diamond set for an evening party, you would naturally want to look nothing but the best, isn’t it? Read through the following tips to look distinctive than others.

If talking about the class and grace, no other jewellery would exemplify much more than a diamond-studded piece. It’s an exclusive piece of ornament that you can readily embrace with any dress. But, what if you want to wear this set with a pretty party dress for an evening?

There is no dearth of styling ways. All you have to do is adopt some ways that will make you look not only remarkable but would also shower a bunch of compliments towards you. So, here are some of the tips for matching your dress with your diamond necklace.

1.       The combination of Jewellery and Embellishments:

The embellishments on your dress matter as well. You can match the base of your diamond set with the work done on your dress. If your dress has crystal beadings or silver embroidery, a set with silver base metal will perfectly compliment it. Although matching designs of jewellery and dress would create wonders, matching every single thing will turn out to be an overstatement which will reflect poorly on your dressing sense. Thus, try striking a balance between both.

2.       Color Combination:

If you cannot decide the dress that you should wear for the party, let the colour of your necklace determine that. Match your jewellery colour with that of your dress. If your necklace is white in colour, you can go for a white or a silver dress. On the other hand, if the necklace has a gold base, you can go for an ivory or beige colour dress.

3.       Match Jewelry with Neckline:

The shape of your necklace and the neckline of your dress would play a significant role in enhancing your beauty altogether. If you have a choker set, you can wear that with a strapless dress or with a V-neckline. And, if you have a round necklace, you can match it up with a halter or reverse halter neckline dress.

4.       Personal Style:

Matching jewellery with your dress does not always mean going with the fashion norms of the society. But, it should reflect your style. Apart from the diamond necklace, if you are willing to wear some other accessories, you must choose something which is not only stylish but matches your comfort level as well. Create your personal style and be the best version of yourself.

5.       Don’t over accessorise:

This is one of the most important tips that you must follow if you want to draw a line between elegance and tackiness. You must resist the temptation of wearing every single accessory all at once. You can only wear an entire set, without making any further additions to it. If your set contains bracelet and earrings, then there would be no need to wear other things.

Styling a dress with a diamond set is an exciting job if done correctly. Thus, if you are looking forward to turning heads at a party, follow these tips and emerge as a style icon.