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17 Things to Buy for Your Baby’s First Year

So a small and cute addition to your family has arrived, and you are looking forward to giving the world to her. You are obviously excited and would like to give your child everything you can You are buying various toys and stuffed animals so that your baby can play with it and have fun. You might keep on buying stuff that is not that necessary for your baby in her first year, so here we are going to take a look at what are the things you need to buy for your baby in her first year 

1. A Crib
Since ages parents and families have been using a crib for newborns, it is the safest place for a baby to sleep as it gives safety with its covering from all sides. Extra space in the crib means that you can put in and hang toys for your little one's entertainment.

2. Baby Monitor
Having a baby monitor is essential than anything else on this list. If you are not co-sleeping you need to have a baby monitor to keep track of your little one so that you know whether your baby is awake or asleep or having trouble and crying. Using a monitor with an extensive range will help with more clarity.

3. A Baby Carrier
You want to be close to your child and your child also has a special connection to you in her first few months, baby carrier will help you in that After the first month you can carry your baby around in the baby carrier easily and do your daily chores. The movement your baby gets while being in the carrier is also fun and healthy for her

4. Baby Jumper
A baby jumper means a seat attached to an elastic strap so that your baby can use her legs and jump up and down. It is one of the best fun activities for your baby to do and it will also help your baby to be active and sleep faster at night.

5. Swaddling blankets
As your baby was used to being in your womb for nine months, it will be used to being in a small space. Swaddling the baby helps replicate the same scenario and tricking her into falling asleep. Swaddling blankets are comfortable and relaxing for your baby.

6. Baby Play Mat
Baby play mat is something every child needs during its first year, it helps in developing you baby's mind and senses. The toys that come with it keep you baby busy and active and help her having fun with various bright colors and stuffed toys. They are also portable so you can carry them whenever you are travelling.

7. Hats & Mittens
Apart from looking incredibly adorable and cute in hats and mittens, your baby is safe from the sunlight in summers when you go out to show your child the outside world. The warm woolen hates which cover ears and mittens will help your baby from the cold when winter comes.

8. Baby Pajamas
Soft natural fabric like cotton pajamas will help your baby feel more comfortable while sleeping and is also safe for the skin due to it being natural. It also helps by making your life easy to change diapers in the middle of the night.

9. Mirror
Your baby likes to see new people and gets very excited when a new face can be seen. Researchers have found out that a baby cant recognize itself till 18 months of age, the mirror helps in entertaining your baby as she will see a reflection of someone smiling and giggling and staring at her making it fun for her

10. Sterilizer
Electric or microwave steam sterilizers help sterilizes your babies feeding equipment such as bottles, nipples, spoons and dishes. They are efficient, fast and easy to use making sure that your baby will get the cleanest of items.

11. One Piece Outfits
These outfits are very convenient for babies for the first few months as they are comfortable while your baby takes frequent naps. An outfit with zippers will be really helpful as it will help you to change clothes and diapers without the need to pull the clothes out over the head.

12. Teething toys
It can be very painful and uncomfortable for the baby when she will start growing her teeth. Buying chewing toys will help your baby bit down on those help during her discomfort.

13. Baby Nail Scissors/ Clippers
Using normal nail scissors for your baby's growing nail is strictly not recommended; it will hurt your baby's fragile toes and nails as they are immensely softer than those of adults. Baby clippers will help you to cut your baby's nails easily and efficiently.

14. Soft Toys
Babies love soft toys. That is a widely known and it helps them keep busy and having fun. It is also something that will help your baby recognize various animals as she will start growing in age.

15. Stroller
You cannot always carry your baby in the baby carrier, its ok in the house, but when you go out for walks or for some you will need a stroller as the carrier might cause too much strain on your back. A good stroller will keep your baby safe and covered from the sunlight, there are many attachable toys that will come along with the stroller which will be fun for your baby and will help keep her busy.

16. Thermometer
You will need to take care extra care of you babies in the first few months and buying a digital thermometer stick is a necessity. Checking your baby's temperature time to time will help you keep track of her health.

17. Bottles
Whether to feed formula or feed breast milk you will need bottles and of a good quality. Make sure to buy a proportionate amount of bottles and nipples.

So above we have seen the basic necessities you should have for your baby's first year, be sure you have these for your little one and her safety and well-being.