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Steroid users: Signs and Effect

Steroid is being used by a number of bodybuilders and athletes including both men and women. It is very unlikely that you picture an out of shape man or women who is just trying to get a leg up on getting in shape. Sometimes it is easy to spot steroid users while other times you often can’t. Some people have fantastic genetics which means they can get bigger and leaner than a steroid user without using them. Sometimes, inappropriate proportion of steroid could cause “Roid Rage”. 


You can easily tell muscle maturity if you happen see any 18 year old college student with veins straining everywhere, paper thin skin and hard muscles. Greater chances are they are on steroid dose because at 18 the muscles are still among the developing sites and are rather soft to touch. It is not always necessary to go by muscle shape or size, but yes skin redness and acne are quite recurrent symptoms.


They are said to improve strength, both endurance and explosive. You will find yourself smashing plateaus and setting new personal bests in every exercise, on a weekly basis. In the interest of balance, don’t forget that it’s possible to have very serious side effects and there are very real dangers. Emotion management is not a subject until after terminating. Even with progressive post cycle therapy,estrogen stays eminent for a couple of weeks.

Before you start with this, you should necessarily have at least 5 years of training history and awareness of proper nutrition. Don’t try to mess with steroid if you are under 24 years old. At such tender age your test levels are probably in their peak. 

Athletic presentation and strength will certainly augment with possible reduction in cardiovascular performance. Protein synthesis through the roof, body feeling like it needs protein and that it is using the protein you give it. You feel like super hero while you are on a cycle. PR’s every time you go to the gym, confidence is through the roof, its amazing feeling! You can keep most of your gains after a proper PCT if you are smart about it. 

The positive effects are-

·         It may lead to increased bone density
·         Decreases muscle recovery time
·         Better look and heavier lifts
·         You will have more muscular look

The Bad side reads-

·         It could cause “Roid Rage”
·         Baldness
·         It may lead to erectile dysfunction
·         Long term exposure may cause liver, kidney and heart disorder

Steroids make you more of what you already are. If you are a happy and fun guy then you are going to be happier while on steroids. If you are an angry person then you will get angrier while on steroids. They are powerful hormones, but testosterone is also a key hormone in all healthy males that decreases with age. It will aid you gain muscle mass but with that they should to be taken in limited amount which will be engrossed by your body conferring to your level of absorption and how much is thrown away.