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Put your career on escalators by choosing the right certificate course for yourself.

Presently there are many courses available to an avid learner who wishes to take his career to the next level. Plus the technology has provided him with endless options in choosing a professional courses and at the same time studying in the free time and that too from the comfort of your couch. IT professional are looking up for result oriented Agile and Scrum Training that is helping them in numerous ways.

The training assists in testing their knowledge and skills of Agile frameworks. There are many agile related certificates one is Agile based certification and the other is scrum based certification. Have a look at two different training programs and then, decide the one that suits you the best or the one that helps you realize your dreams.

To impart education on important aspects of the course, Agile and Scrum Training in Bangalore provides you with a virtual classroom where you get education from the certified Agile Alliance. They impart education through hands on experiences and assignments to further help the aspirants in gaining mastery of the topic.

Agile project management certification

Developing software solutions are one of the main purposes of the named certificate. The training helps him in keeping balance between the project teams and the customer’s requirements. At the same time focusing on the quality of the product by making necessary changes at the right time and deliver product and projects within given time frame. A certificate enables him to manage the progress of the project right from the beginning till its completion. A certified IT professional gets following benefits-
  • His knowledge in Agile increases, thus enabling him to put techniques in the practice of project management to any software projects.
  • He can easily understand the difference between the project principles of Agile and management methodology and then applying the same to different work fronts.
  • He maintains a powerful trust between the Agile development team and the business owners by providing them with day to day progress of the project.
  • An experienced IT professional can easily combine the traditional and Agile methods and then molding them for successful accomplishment of the project.
  • The training helps in improving the success rate.
Scrum based certification

Agile based certification is a single certificate, credential whereas scrum based certificate is multiple based certification course. It offers courses in following fields
  • Certified scrum developer
  • Certified scrum master
  • Certified scrum product owner
  • Certified scrum professional.
Whatever certificate you choose the training focus on imparting difference in Agile approach and traditional methodology. It teaches you about the driving forces behind the software development following the Agile approach. You will come to know how Agile approach proves beneficial to your business.

The main focus is paid on the 4 phase approach: concept, initiate, deliver and deploy. Examples are cited from real life so that the student’s gets better view and understanding of the problem and then finding a suitable solution to it.