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Nail Polish Storage – Check out the best racks here

Here are the five best nail polish racks that you can check out toady and pick one up that fits your storage preference and budget.

The Pana Brand Unbreakable Nail Polish Rack

This rack is the epitome of durability and beauty in nail polish racks. You will be in love with this nail polish rack after you see the perfect rating and so many great customer reviews. This beautiful rack is soldered skillfully, has a nice glossy finish and decoration that makes it truly elegant and pretty. There is a wide selection of colors (Black, White, Blue, Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Purple, and Pink) to choose from.  Pana Brand Unbreakable nail polish is made out of metal, thus able to last for a long time.

The dimensions are Length 21″ X Height 25″ X Width 1.8″, that gives you decent room to fit up to 100 bottles of any types of nail polishes from all brands such as Essie, OPI, China Glaze, and so on. It can, in reality, hold big nail polish bottles such as Orly with no problem, fitting nice and lose making them easy to remove from the rack. This Nail Polish Holder will come with 2 screws that you can hang on a wall. Although it won’t be that sturdy but you can also just stand it up against the wall.

96 Bottle Nail Polish Wall Rack

With almost 77percent of 5star reviews, this rack comes second on the list just because it is made out of Clear Acrylic Lucite Material and not metal. The rack had received radiant reviews from home users and salon owners who are loving it. In comparison to other acrylic racks which lean on the heavier side, this rack is not that heavy so it can be hanged on the wall easily. It looks professional for its relatively low price. It is sufficiently sturdy and has ample space with 6 rows where you are able to store up to 96 nail polish bottles of all brands.

Professional Black Metal Nail Polish Mountable 6 Tier Organizer Display Rack

It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a stylish nail polish rack. Due to its decorative and intricate design, this professional and reliable metal rack has received great reviews from doing it at home nail art professionals and salon owners. Its design brings elegance to the businesses or your house. You will be pleasantly surprised by the spacious size of the rack and if you have a large collection of nail polish you’ll be able to fit them all in. With a well built and sturdy body, you can fit up to 100-110 nail polish bottles on its 6 tier shelves.

Professional Nail Polish Table Display Rack

An acrylic rack shows the best way to show off your collection of nail polish. And this rack will be your favorite because it holds perfectly your excess bottles. Made of clear acrylic material it can hold all types of brand bottles. If you do not want a bulky wall hanging rack you can try this rack which holds up to 50 nail paint bottles on the bedroom table. It will get rid of that chaos in the room and will look beautifully kept.

Home-it Nail Polish Rack

This Nail Polish Holder is steadily capturing the hearts of customers. With the kind of positive reviews and high ratings, its been getting online, due to its ability to hold about 102 nail paint bottles. It maintains its minimalist design that accent the color of your collection. It is made of clear acrylic that is sufficient sturdy that will last you a long time without needing another replacement.