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A great collection of Idols and figurines for your online gifts shopping

Polished Brass Kamdhenu Cow: - A finely cut with botanical engraved outlines in metal formed into a figurine of Kamdhenu cow and her calf. Explore the similar collection of idols and figurine for your loved one to add to the style of their home. The cute looking this idol is also considered very auspiciousthat you can also consider for your mother’s day gift online.

Blissful Buddha: - Add this correct Buddha to your living space and let a flood of peacefulness stream around your home. This blissful Buddha figurine is a blessing that will make a beautiful expansion to your visitor's homes.

PanchMukhi Hanuman: -Bring home the metal of icon of Panch Mukhi Hanuman, the symbol of victory, purity and strength. Made utilizing metal material, this doll delineates superb artisanship and imparts the heavenly blessings on your loved one. This idol is a great to be considered for your online gifts shopping.

Lord Ram Statue: - On any religious events, place this metal icon in your temple room. The metal statue of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman is an image of good over abhorrence and this would be a great present for your religious siblings or parents.

Good luck Gift Combo: -The range of cute and auspicious idols will give you a gifting choice for your online gifts shopping from GiftsbyMeeta. Along these lines, this figurine of giggling Buddha and one triple layered fortunate bamboo plant put in a glass vase will ensure a good luck for your loved one.

Ganesha Brass Idol: - This delightfully created Lord Ganesha's venerated image makes it worth putting resources into your home. The resting Ganesha's godlike object will without a doubt favor your loved one and convey fortune to their home.

Golden Deer Gift: -Loan a fascinating turns to your loved one’s home with this brilliantly brass made golden deer. Reflecting the magnificent craftsmanship, this metal handiwork won't be neglected to get your consideration at a solitary look.

Brass ArjoonRath Idol: -Get this metal ArjoonRath (chariots) smaller than normal for enrichment and auspicious ambience around your loved one. This nicely made brass idol will be a great good luck product. The religious parents, grand parents or siblings would be surprised with such presents.

Marble Elephant for Good Luck: -Illuminate your abode with this appealing antique marble elephants and let your loved experience the good time with classic home décor. Made by the very skilled craftsman and planned flawlessness, decorated with themes and studded with white stones on bright work-these collectibles are an uncommon gathering of probably the most sumptuous manifestations.

Brass Bullock Cart: - Put this complicatedly planned bullock cart made of brass in your home and get eye-catching impression for each of your visitors. Produced using fantastic quality metal, this 2.7 inches high bullock cart has a length of 6 creeps from front to back.