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What are card sleeves and how to buy the right ones?

Card sleeves are devices used to protect trading cards, card games and board games from damage and especially collectible card game cards from wear and tear and for storing them properly. They are a rigid plastic case with one end open designed for storing cards in card albums or binders. Card sleeves were designed once the collectible card games became popular and also because of new technologies. Two varieties of car sleeves were made. One is the bulky top-loader essentially for storing singe card and the less expensive simple one designed for storing more cards. 

Card sleeves became popular after the popularity of the magic tournaments and after that many different varieties of card sleeves were started to come into existence. However, with time different varieties made it difficult to choose the right card sleeve which means one should know certain points before buying a card sleeve that will fit their requirements and parameters. There are various parameters which should be checked before ordering or buying a card sleeve as you will be storing cards in them for safety purposes and what if the cards are damaged even after storing them in the card sleeves.

Below are some of the parameters which you need to check if you want to buy some of the best card sleeves:

1.       The first and foremost thing you should check while buying card sleeves is the size. Size is very important while buying the card sleeves because you can’t go with a sleeve of smaller size as it will damage the cards and neither a bigger size will help because then you will have problems in shuffling and it will be harder to stack the cards both in small and big sizes. 

2.       Check with the material of the sleeves and if possible check other stores as well for different types of materials and know the effects of the materials on the cards and on shuffling.

3.       Check with the quality of the sleeves and do not but the sleeve if the quality is not good. It is about the safety of the cards and hence you cannot compromise on that.

4.       The thickness of the sleeve is also important. Thinner sleeves are cheaper but they can easily wear if you are playing on rougher surfaces and shuffling also becomes harder with thinner sleeves.

5.       Opaque sleeves are recommended because they make it difficult to mark cards in a tournament giving you and upper hand. It will also keep you cards hidden from stalkers as well keeping it safe and protected.

6.       You can also go with polyurethane sleeves instead of polypropylene sleeves as the former are strong, form and have sharp edges making shuffle easier while the later are flimsy and floppy bags. 

With the above mentioned tips, buying the right card sleeve will become easier for you. You can simply follow the tips and choose the right card sleeve for you that will be worth spending money on and will also keep your cards safe and protected.