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Wedding Traditions: Why do brides carry a wedding bouquet?

The brides carry a bunch of beautiful flowers on their wedding day, this tradition is followed from centuries ago because in the ancient times, the wedding bouquet was considered as a sign of happiness.

In the 15th century, wedding bouquets were made of pungent herbs, spices, chives, garlic and strongly smelled flowers. And the main reason of carrying such types of bouquet was to keep the evil spirits, ill health, and bad luck away from bride and groom.

During the Roman times, this custom was spread. Most of the brides and grooms followed the tradition of wearing floral garlands which signified a happy start in their new life with good luck, hope for fertility and always stay away from evil spirits. Sometimes they wore crowns around their heads and these crowns were made from strongly smelled flowers, pungent herbs, and stems of garlic.

It was said that the herbs, spices, chives and garlic had a magical power which avoided any evil spirits destruct their future. Besides, if a bride carried a wedding bouquet full of garlic stems, then the bride would gather great wisdom and learn goodness. 

The wedding bouquet symbolizes a woman in blossom. In the past, a bride was considered very lucky on her wedding day. So, guests were compelled to tear off parts of her wedding gown to acquire a good luck talisman for themselves! But not all the brides cared for this activity, so this custom evolved to the throwing of the bouquet and the one who catches the wedding bouquet would be the next bride.

Nowadays most of the brides have started carrying pretty wedding bouquets and this custom is still in style today. Choosing the perfect wedding bouquet is one of the most exciting parts while planning a wedding! Nowadays, a bride chooses the wedding flowers that she likes the most for her bouquet. While selecting the wedding flowers, she also keeps in mind that these flowers perfectly match her wedding theme.

A wedding bouquet brings beauty, elegance and color scheme and a bit of the old custom to your wedding day. Wedding bouquets are also used to express a bride’s feelings through flowers. For example, Roses: this flower represents unending love and romance, Tulips represent trust, Stephanotis represents good luck and so on.

There are many florists in the market and now you can buy flowers from online florist sites too. But, you should choose the right florist who offers you an easy delivery on the same day too. So be ready for your wedding having flowers delivered today at your doorstep.

You should take an advice from your florist about your wedding bouquet flowers and shape that will completely suit your wedding gown and your styles as well. By carrying the wedding bouquet, you can add some beauty and express your emotions. You can also show your style and personality by picking your wedding bouquet.

At last, with the passing time, these customs and traditions seem to have changed quite a bit from its origin, but today's tradition for the wedding bouquet is only getting added beauty and personal expression.