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Growth Hormone Supplements Can Do Wonders to the Body

Growth hormone (GH) is a small peptide constituted by 191 amino acids. It is produced by the pituitary gland also called the master gland of the body which secretes the hormone in the bloodstream. GH is secreted by the cells of the anterior pituitary in particular called somatotrophs, therefore it is also called somatotropin. Hypothalamus produces two hormones that control the production of growth hormone. Namely, growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) - it is responsible for controlling the secretion of hGH; and growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH), it is responsible for inhibiting the secretion of hGH. Growth hormone is indispensable to growth in children.

A full list of benefits can be made for the growth hormone considering the plethora of functions it performs. It not only controls growth, it is involved in various metabolic processes in the body. It facilitates in the processing of protein, maintains normal blood glucose levels and it also accelerates the breakdown of triglycerides which further provide the required energy for tissue growth.

Exploring the benefits and the right kind of GH

The necessity for choosing the best GH therapy is now more than ever due to a huge number of options available in the market. There is sufficient documentation in the favor of therapeutic uses of GH therapy. It is known to reduce fat and cause steady normalization of lean body mass. Studies have indicated that GH causes an improvement in the psychological health also.

However, GH supplements should be taken on the advice and prescriptions of a medical practitioner only with correct dosage instructions. The benefits of GH are evidenced far and wide but again those are dependent on the purpose for which the growth hormone were used, on the strength of dosage and also the frequency of dose. It is recommended that one should not opt for a particular product based on the before and after pictures. There are a whole lot of websites that have a million photos to show for marketing but most of them cannot be considered genuine. Hence, one should only select the therapy recommended by the doctor. Also, it is suggested that one explores the reviews by users online or talk to some of the users before starting the therapy.

The detailed mechanism might still not be studied well but the various perks of using GH have been documented over time. Like an increase in energy and strength, better immune functions, reduction of osteoporosis and increase in bone density, boost sexual performance, improve heart functions, it also helps to treat short stature which might be resultant of certain disorders or health issues.

Age reversal cannot be attained by GH therapy

Like someone said, “Every man desires to live long" which is true in every sense as everyone tries to trace back the path to their youth. People have tried to use growth hormone just like other steroids and drugs for age reversal. But, it is true that anti-ageing does not make its place in the full list of benefits that GH presents. Growth hormone injections pack a powerful punch. GH has been approved for medical use in the treatment of deficiencies but it has been strictly barred from non-medical treatments.