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Colour Disasters with Bridesmaid Dresses That Can Spoil Your Wedding

Style or cut of a dress is obviously crucial when it comes to bridesmaid dresses but what actually makes an outfit stand out is the colour. After all, when your first walk down the aisle with the gorgeous bride, nobody looks at a bridesmaid individually but always together with the other bridesmaids and how their look complements the bride and the bridal gown. And in order to make the look cohesive, colour is the most important factor at play.

While some combinations like pastels and nudes look extremely refreshing and full of grace or rich purples with golden accents and silver beads adorn the dress with a regal touch, there are some colour combinations that absolutely look hideous on all bridesmaids irrespective of their skin tones and looks and hence, create a bad impact on the wedding as a whole.

Take a cue from the following weird combinations and save your wedding from these colour disasters.

Rainbow Wedding

It’s understandable that all of you are a bunch of optimistic and happy people who are too excited about the wedding. But going for a colour mismatched look can backfire completely if you include too many colours like parrot green, bright yellow, blazing orange, bubblegum pink, navy blue, crimson red and much more.

Do you want your bridesmaids to look like the rainbow on your wedding? It is ideal to stick to two shades or a maximum of three which actually contrast each other or pick various shades from the same colour family. If you are choosing red bridesmaid dresses, you can contrast it with peach or cream or even matte gold.

Easter Eggs or Bridesmaid Dresses

It may so happen that half of your girlfriends like the colour pink while some of them may root for green. If you try to please everyone and end up making them wear a pink dress with green sashes, god bless your wedding! This is such a horrible colour combination so if you can’t make the bridesmaids understand and help them come to a conclusion, it is better you choose a shade for them. After all, it is for the bridesmaid dresses and not for dyeing your Easter eggs that you pick any random bright colour.

Seasonal Faux Pas

This is another major bridesmaid dress faux pas. When the wedding is during a refreshing season like spring or autumn, go for pastels, nudes and light shades. Picking dark and blazing colours like orange or golden yellow can be really disappointing and won’t do any justice to a spring wedding. Imagine bright orange dresses for bridesmaids with black tuxes for the groom’s men. Is it Halloween or what?

White v/s White

The worst nightmare on your wedding can be when your girl gang wants to look like you on your D-day. If your bridesmaid wants to dress up in white or if you get too emotional and want all of you to wear the same colour on this special day, you will end up looking like pristine nuns rather than attractive and smart young girls. Furthermore, the bride will not get any attention in this look. Plus, if the groom’s side is dressing up in black, it will be a total monochromatic flop wedding.

So, make sure the colours of your bridesmaids’ outfits suit the wedding theme and reflect the happy occasion of wedding. If the colours don’t match among the bridesmaids or don’t complement the bridal gown, then the photos will also look disastrous. This is why choose the colour palette for your bridesmaids’ dresses very wisely.