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Clenbuterol Before & After – A Know how

When it comes to shedding body fat, Clenbuterol is the best choice. Clenbuterol has given results in majority of the users. Clenbuterol has the ability to accelerate the metabolic rate in a drastic way. This leads to shedding more and more body fat. Along with doing this it also increases the lean muscle mass to some extent. But clen is not suitable for when the aim is just muscle growth.

If a person wants to enhance strength and size only then he should not go for clen. If achieving lean and cut look is the target then clen is suitable for them. For these users it will help in achieving their results.

Clen was earlier prescribed only for those who were suffering from asthma and other breathing conditions. But these days clen is gaining popularity in weight loss management programs as well. In the human body clen works by stimulating beta- 2. This leads to increased temperature of the cells.

By the use of clen mostly the fatty tissue weight loss occurs even though there will be muscle loss initially. Visit to know more.

Transformation through clen:
The results of clen will be different in different individuals. The other factors on which it depends are exercise levels, diet, and cycle strength. Substantial results will be there in individuals who usually stick to the program. For majority of the users there will be average 5% drop in body fat. After this margin there will be a slowdown in clen’s effects since there won’t be enough energy in the body.

So the person should think of stacking at this point. He can use other supplements along with this. Important thing to remember is clen should not be stacked with anabolic steroids. Cytomel is an appetite suppressant which can be stacked with clenbuterol. This stack will be really helpful to achieve further fat loss. By following this stack many have achieved high levels of fat loss. Before starting the dose one can look at the reviews and success stories about clen so that it will help to plan the weight loss program. Doctors advice is a must before stacking clen with other steroids.

How to use:
Weight or fat shedding using clen depends on the cycling style which has been followed by the person. 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off is the best recommended cycle. Start using clen and stop when 2 weeks is reached. Then off for 2 more weeks. Individual should follow the smaller doses in the starting phase of the cycle.

For first time users the recommended clen dose is 20 mcg. If the person has already got adjusted to clen then he can start with 40 mcg as well. Every time when the person starts the dose again after the off cycle he can increase clen dose by 20 mcg. The highest dose that can be reached is 100 mcg. The individual should avoid clen for several months once he finishes his 100 mcg cycle which has been followed for 2 weeks.