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Advice For How To Buy Goalie Hockey Pants For Players

Hockey goalie pants are a necessary piece of protective equipment for every goaltender and they are equally important to any piece of goalie equipment you are wearing. The Senior Goalie pants are made to be wider and shorter than player’s pants because goalie leg pads come up quite a bit higher than the hockey shin guards that players wear. The goalie will do whatever they can to close up every hole which a player might see when they are shooting and wider pants help close up the five holes as well as take away some of the light behind the blocker and glove. There are some key things to consider when making purchases for new goalie equipment.

When choosing a blocker, it is important to consider if it provides a proper protection for the inner wrist/thumb as well as your fingers.

·         Finger protection – Blockers can vary in the amount of finger protection and when looking at the glove part of the blocker, it is important to make sure that it provides enough protection. 

·         Inside wrist protection – The blocker is often angled to deflect pucks to the corner, thus leaving your wrist open to pucks because the most blockers feature an inner padded portion which protects the inside of the wrist as well as it creates an additional blocking surface.

·         Curve – Many blockers can vary in the degree of curve and there is a curve at the top of the blocker which helps deflect pucks forward, rather than backward into the goal. 

Catch Glove

·         Break – The style and break of a catch glove vary among brands and models. The break is the part of the catch glove which folds closed in order to trap the puck inside. 

·         Curves – The gloves often have curves for the same purpose as a blocker to deflect the pucks and ramp them away from you and the goal net. The location of the curve varies on catch gloves because some curves are found on the bottom of the glove and others are found at the side.

·         Pocket – Most goalies prefer a deep pocket, which is the webbing between the thumbs and also index finger where the goalie catches pucks. The deeper pocket will it allow for easier catching control and now comes standard in new catch gloves.

Leg pads
The pads are lighter, more durable and it was designed for the goalie who utilizes a variety of positions, while still allowing for the athletic and reactive saves.

·         Five-hole coverage – Leg pads are all constructed to be flat at the top so that the tops of both pads will conform together while down in the butterfly position and some leg pads come to thigh boards which are illegal at the professional levels of hockey.

·         Knee support/protection – Leg pads have knee support often called knee cradles in senior goalie pants and this helps the pad stay stable on the goalie’s leg beginning at the knee.

Chest and arm protector

The perfect chest and arm protector provide the maximum protection as well as the greatest mobility, and flexibility by allowing the goalie to easily react to shots.