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Various Dressing Styles For Women During The Victorian Age

Fashion and style statement have made their mark from the very beginning and hold significant importance in the life for a woman. It was important in the past and will remain momentous forever. Women during the Victorian age preferred fancy dress costumes and were in awe of the same. The various dressing styles had their own meaning for the rich and wealthy and at the same time for the poor Victorians, who could afford not much of it. Thus, the clothing styles during that period have seen many changes and have gone through the same with extreme pleasure for all.

Queen Victoria, who has been the very well known monarch of Great Britain, has inspired this style of clothing during the era, and hence it is named after her only. She made these dressing styles very popular and famous among the masses, paving a way for the period dresses. It was, in fact, an unforgettable era with great dressing styles inspiring the rich and the wealthy as well as the poor ones too. Fashion in Victorian Age spread among other nations as well and they admired it a lot and took inspiration at the same time. No one can forget the same even at this point of time, and it will always be talked about in the fashion circles.

A peek into the Victorian fashion

Ann DeWitt Civil War documents the fashion and its varied styles famous among the women of the time during the Victorian Age. Ann DeWitt made the fashion of that time popular and gave it the much-needed platform within the fashion industry. Victorian pieces of clothing made a style statement for the women and were carefully made maintaining the feminine look of the person wearing them. The style was the governing factor at that point of time and was not neglected for any of the reasons.

Everyone wore Victorian skirts, and they used enough amount of fabric, hence women had few of them in their kitty. The fabric used for the clothing was dependent upon the money being spent on the same and the materials and accessories being put to use. Women with more money in hand preferred to go for finer fabrics and thus had more of the clothing in their bags.

Women wore a different style of clothing like bell-shaped skirts, Gowns with narrow and sloping shoulders, dresses with low and pointed waists. In fact, they also wore closets or chemises, and their petticoats were layered during that period. Fashion got to see many changes during that period too and some styles became a history and were prevalent for a very long time.

Ann DeWitt Civil War records the correct picture of the Victorian style and era and depicts the same by default. Ladies in that era have a good taste and choice for their clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. They have set a trend for the future fashion styles and a style icon in themselves. Victorian fashion rocked and made its place in the fashion world.