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Essential Winter Driving Accessories

Too many driving is one of life’s greatest pleasures; it provides the opportunity to escape from all the mundane issues and feel free.  Of course, driving is also extremely dangerous; without the proper level of attention and care for others on the road, you can crash and injure yourself or others.  Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help improve your safety when driving in your vehicle.  For example, you should never drive when you are tired; this will simply increase the likelihood of you having an accident.

There are many accessories which can be fitted to your vehicle to make winter driving easier and safer; whether you are undertaking the daily commute of trucking across the country:

Automatic Heated Wiper Blades

There are a variety of heated wiper blades available but Crystal Clear now sell automatic heated wiper blades for almost any vehicle.  The blades have a module which is fitted with them; this monitors the temperature and; when it drops to a specified coldness they will automatically activate.  Of course, you do need to have the engine running for them to work otherwise you may find yourself with a flat battery.  The automatic heated wiper blades will keep the ice and even snow off your windscreen and ensure you can see where you are going.
Winter Tires

As the name suggests these tires are designed for winter driving.  A good set can last you several years.  Simply change your tires at the beginning of the winter season and enjoy the superior grip that these tires can give you in the icy and snowy weather.  They are reputed to reduce stopping distances by as much as fifty percent which can make a lifesaving difference.


It is possible to break down at any time of the year but winter brings additional hassles as well as the risk of difficult weather preventing you from moving.  It is essential to have warm blankets in the car to ensure you can stay warm should you end up stuck at the roadside or in snow drifts and need to keep warm.  Alongside a good selection of blankets it is advisable to have a bottle of water and some food; such as a packet of biscuits.  Not only will it keep your strength up it will boost your morale.

Remote Car Starter

This simple, yet effective solution to getting cold in the winter presents a solution to those cold winter mornings.  Simply press the button and your car will start; it can warm the engine slowly to prevent risk of damage and provide you with a warm cabin; reducing the possibility of you being too cold to see impending danger.

Seat Heaters

There is nothing quite as snug as sitting on a heated seat.  Although many high end, luxury cars come equipped with this already; if your vehicle does not then they can be purchased for as little as $200.  They run from the battery of your vehicle and provide a warm seat; allowing you to keep your attention on the road ahead.