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The Tricky Job of Picking the Right Bridesmaid Dresses Made Easy

So, your wedding is just a few weeks away and you are panicking about various things so that your “Big Day” is perfect, just the way you have planned it since childhood. One of the things that may bother you, as a bride, is the bridesmaid dresses. Once you have picked your dream wedding dress, it is your duty as a bride to pick the dresses for your bridesmaids.

And yes, while choosing them, you do need to keep a lot of things in your mind. While one might be comfortable wearing strapless, another might not be. While one loves bold hues, another has not dressed up in a bright color ever in her life. So, to avoid all chaos on your “The day” and to see all those pretty faces with smiles, you need to be an extra conscious. Take a look at some of the points which might solve almost all the problems, and one of the trickiest job can become easy.
·         All of them must look good – Many fashion designers say that picking the bridesmaid dresses is much trickier than picking the wedding dress. Wondering why? Well, there is more than one person to think about. Starting from body shape, hair type and complexion to dressing and fashion sense, you have to keep everything in mind. Choosing a particular kind of dress for everyone is a big “no-no”! While one of them is skinny and can pull off an off-shoulder with ease, another has flabby arms and would not be comfortable with that particular style. So, what you can do is pick a particular color and leave the styles to them. They can also play with the color with various shades. If you think fixing the color would not be welcomed by them, given the varied tastes, you can choose a particular embellishment like lace and ask them to wear the dresses of the same length. You can go visit the shops and try out the dresses yourself, and then ask the maid of honor to help you. Or else, if circumstances allow, take the whole gang along with you. Find fashion magazines, read blogs and be open to ideas. As a bride, you should not be partial and make sure that all of them look stunning. 

·         Pick a style that is reusable – And this is the reason why most of the designers say that it is very important to be practical and just not get driven by the looks of the dresses. Keeping the dresses simple is the key so that they can wear it again. Avoiding heavy sequins and too much of work is a smart idea.

·         The comfort factor – Your bridesmaids have a lot of work to do on that day so it is very important that each of them is comfortable in their dresses. From holding your veil to attending the guests, they have to run here and there and you should not oversee the “comfort” factor. Take some time out and check online for the trending bridesmaid dress styles, which are not only stylish and sassy but also comfortable and easy on the skin.

·         The “pocket” factor – While in some culture brides pay for the bridesmaid dresses, in others, the bridesmaid pays for their own dresses. In the first case, it will all depend on your financial stability, how much you are willing to spend and how many bridesmaid you have. Be a little considerate while choosing the gowns or dresses. Ask them about their budget personally, if possible. You can easily get fancy yet cheap bridesmaid dresses, so cost should not be a factor.

So, now to know how to make this job of picking the ideal dresses easier! From LBDs and dresses of pastel shades to floral prints and vintage outfits, you can get them all at affordable rates if you take some time out and give a little effort. Well, you have to take the trouble to make the wedding successful and perfect; after all, it’s the day you have been dreaming of for years. Contact a reputed company for pretty and cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Author Bio: Mia Anderson, a lifestyle blogger and here she writes about the factors to keep in mind while buying dresses for your bridesmaids. With a little bit of research, you can easily get fancy, sassy yet cheap bridesmaid dresses.