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The Best Farmer Centre and Food stalls in Singapore

City Satay is one of the largest satay distributors in Singapore. The specialist satay chef has years of experience and provides a unique nalay-javanese taste with Indian ingredients. It is best food around and subjecting the poor visitors to the greasy kebab joint or the mediocre curry house. Satay House is a cure, tiny building loved many people. There have been several renditions of the dish are available on the Singapore. Naturally, one would think that Satay House would have a menu full of satay, chicken, and beef, prawn and so on, but there were just three options, lamb, chicken or Veg. Small flavorful chunks of juicy chicken and lamb were smooshed onto sticks perfect for dunking into the complementing peanut sauce. Chuan Kee is famous for the pork satay succulent skewered meats, sandwiching a luscious piece of lard. This, and their equally juicy chicken satay, is served with a bowl of thick and tangy sauce made delicious with grated pineapple. Zaiton Satay is one of the better halal satay stalls in Singapore; it offers beef triple, mutton and chicken. While all the meats are juicy and tender, the beef triple is especially Moorish. Its peanut sauce stands on its own its nice and thick, and a little spicy. 
Singapore is affectionately known as a concrete jungle, and country life is a thing of the past. Kicking off the series is Farmart Centre. It is located in Choa Chu Kang; Farmart is akin to a petting Zoo. Activities include an animal corner, where you can get up close with animals including goats, bull frogs, tortoises, rabbits, birds, fish and hamsters. If animals tickle your children’s fancy but not yours, there is always the Koi pond. Sit back, grab a drink, and toss a packet of fish feed to your kids. You can to sit and relax, whilst your kids go trigger happy with the fish food. On the surface, it is just like any other pet shop in Singapore.  If you did like, you may also feed the animals and where you may purchase the various feed for each respective animal.  There are a wide variety of affordable dining options at the centre. Dine under the stars on the smorgasbords of food available. The Chinese foods, Malay cuisine are available on the centre. They provide everything from animal feeding and farm tours to live seafood picks in a lush green environment. You can take your food and drink selections, and sit back and relax amidst the tranquil surroundings.