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Mobile Browsing Management- What is it?

Take a look around you. You will be able to see each and every individual with a phone in their hand, sometimes even two. It is almost impossible nowadays to survive without a mobile phone for communication. Why stop with communication? There is barely any kind of digital task that a mobile phone cannot perform. From storing your favourite music to accessing all your work mails, there is nothing impossible for your mobile phone to perform.

the beginning stages where mobile phones were gaining popularity, people felt that it was a waste of time and it was also considered highly unproductive. However, with time and addition of interesting features, phones are more of a necessity that a gadget meant only for recreation.

The mobile phones today balance the see-saw between professional and personal activities. There is barely anything your phone cannot do. Even if it is to switch on your TV or know what is happening in the other side of the world, through your phone you can stay connected to any part of the globe.

With advancement in technology comes complicated software and applications. Although the UI/UX is simplified to a great deal for it to be very user friendly, anything new introduced to the phone needs to be understood and learnt in terms of functionality and benefits. Considering a work environment where productivity is priority, certain features of a mobile phone can hinder this productivity.

Employees can get distracted by social networking sites, videos, messages from friends and family and so on. To avoid this occurrence from affecting the company, mobile browsing management can be employed.

Mobile browsing management is cloud based and on-premise. It is referred to as MDM. It operates from a single console. With the help of mobile browsing management, companies can regulate, secure and manage all smart phones, notes and tablets. With the use of this set up, the administrator can decide when certain features can be used and when they will be blocked from usage.

If the company feels like the employee spends way too much time on a social networking site, the administrator can block access to it till a certain time period. The same concept applies to date connection, wi-fi, hotspot and other crucial features that contribute to the awesome smart phone. In addition, it can also improve security and any potential threats that can be posed towards the company.

Every MDM solution comes with a browser which is built-in. In other words, it can be said that MDM uses a third party product for the management of certain mobile devices belonging to a few vendors. Not only does it improve efficiency but also secures any communication that goes out from an employee’s side.

This includes securing of the browser, email and app catalog. It also provides scope for remote communications. With modular technology, comes a set of tasks that need to be set in place to ensure security. MDM certainly does a good job at improving a company’s functionality.