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What Women Want On A Guy: Boxers Or Briefs?

In a relationship, the opinion of both, the man and the woman are equally important. Same goes for the intimate part of the relationship as well. Just as a man prefers his counterpart to be wearing a nice pair of undergarments it doesn’t hurt for the man to wear nice underwear as well.

With this proposition arrives the basic dilemma: whether women prefer long loose and super comfortable boxers or tight, well fitted and equally comfortable briefs for men. Both these under wears are daily wear and the most common type of underwear for men. After this, there is also the question of the type of boxers or briefs to be worn.

Women say that anyone can pull off boxers. They are basically shorts worn as underwear. This shows the youthfulness of the man and also adds a calm, comfortable and natural vibe to their personality. With boxers, you can go with the routine plaids,checks and stripes but more importantly make sure it is nothing too bright.

This is more of a ‘if you’ve got it then flaunt it’ sort of underwear. It helps the man highlight his toned body and therefore allows the woman to appreciate that well-chiselled body. Going with the classic darks like black, brown and blue are the perfect colour choice for this type of underwear.

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind-
1. Cheesy-
Do not try to continue the theme or setting of your date beyond a point in the bedroom as well. There is no need to wear a heart pattern pair of underwear on Valentine’s Day.

2. Fit-
This is the most important factor. No woman wants a man whose fat is bulging from everywhere nor do they want a skinny man with an equally loose and hanging pair of boxers either. So remember to wear well-fitted mens under wear not just for your woman but also for your own personal health and hygiene. 

3. Funny patterns?-
As weird as it may sound, some women actually like funny patterns like Mickey Mouse made on the man’s boxers. It is not so much about finding it funny; it is more about keeping that adventurous, fearless kid alive within you that is attractive. It also shows the confidence level of a man.

4. The big NO-
Almost no woman finds a pair of boxer or briefs sexy or desirable. If you are Cristiano Ronaldo, it is a different matter altogether, but remember you’re not. So do not wear a pair of your classic whites because they are a huge turn-off, no matter how comfortable you are.

5. The sexy one-
By the end of it, a man has to look sexy and break out of their normal monotonous underwear into something fresh, new and spicy. Anything from an unusual animal print or even a man thong might help add something new to the relationship once in a while.

Spicing up the relationship is important, but health and hygiene comes above everything else. Make sure that the inners are comfortable and you feel confident in them. Charm your lady with your wits and you are done.