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Keep your hair shining and strong with sulfate free shampoo

Every woman wants a beautiful tress. In present days, the pollution has become so high that keeping healthy tresses have become a difficult and almost impossible job. One has to take good care of hair so that they do not fall off early. In fact, high pollution and dirt make the scalp greasy and oily, which, in turn, affects the tresses. So, one has to keep the scalp clean as well. To keep the scalp and hair unaffected, one can use sulfate free shampoo which is devoid of harsh chemicals and is mild to the hair.

Keep your tresses healthy!

There are many ways to keep hair long and strong. One has to afford a little bit of time on that one a regular basis, if they want to keep their hair healthy.
  • The basic thing is the cleaning of the hair. If you do not clean your hair or the scalp in a regular basis, then keeping your hair healthy will be very difficult. One has to use shampoo on every alternate day (if possible) or at least thrice a week (if you have long hair) and then rinse your hair well with water. Shampooing also means you have to condition your hair well. The best is, if one can use a shampoo and a conditioner from the same brand. Sulfate free shampoo is mild as it does not have any chemicals, but it is needed in higher amount as it produces minimal lather.
  • If you are prone to split ends, then trimming your hair in a regular interval is a good idea. This is because split ends damage one’s hair very badly and it not only affects the quality of the tresses, but also stops the growth of the hair. This can also lead to hair fall which is not welcome at all.
  • Though one may think that oiling your hair can make your hair look greasy and unimpressive, you should know that oil has certain minerals and proteins, which help the hair become strong and retain its natural color. Oil can keep hair strands moisturized and nourished. One can heat the oil and apply it on hair at least once a week, and then wash it away with a sulfate free dandruff shampoo after keeping it for an hour.
  • Combing is also an integral part of hair care. One should comb their hair at least twice a day. Combing leads to normal blood circulation in the human scalp and all the dead cells along with damaged hair falls off while one combs their hair. Hair fall is normal everyday if it limits itself to 30 to 40 strands per day. But if it exceeds more than that, then you need to take extra care about it.
  • Using egg whites and washing your hair with apple cedar vinegar can be very beneficial for your hair health.
Sulfate free shampoo is though mild, yet it is good for hair as it does not inject any more chemicals into hair and scalp anymore thus keeping it shinier and healthier.