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Is Flat Roofing the Right Choice for Your Project?

The roof of any building is vitally important and yet it is often an overlooked feature.  The style of any roof can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing but it must also be practical and in keeping with the other properties in the area.  In general properties situated in residential areas have sloped roofs with tiles on them, although garden sheds and attached garages will have flat roofs.  The design and pitch of your roof should be decided before you start your project; this will ensure the construction of the property takes into account the roof type and the build is completed accordingly.

There are several reasons why a flat roof is a good choice:


A pitched roof is difficult to access for inspections and even repairs.  This is simply because of the angle it is set at; it can be exceptionally difficult to move across a pitched roof without the right safety gear.  In contrast, it is very easy to access a flat roof; any flat roofing project can even include access to the roof from inside the property.  You can then simply walk around the roof.

It should be noted that although your flat roof is easier to access it will need more maintenance and cleaning than a pitched roof property.  It is essential to complete this process regularly to prevent the flat roofing material leaking or the drains becoming clogged.  Unfortunately any property which has a flat roof is more likely to have drainage problems as it will not drain as efficiently as a pitched roof.


Flat roofing materials are simpler to use and much cheaper than any other type of roofing material.  In fact, it can be as much as twenty five percent cheaper.

Again, it is important to note that although the flat roof is cheaper to create it will have more maintenance and maybe more expensive in the long term.  This is simply because the cost of repairing a flat roof is generally more than expensive and complicated than a pitched roof repair.  As pitched roofs are less likely to need repairing it is possible that a pitched roof will be cheaper in the long term.


Many modern homes are constructed with flat roofs.  It provides the modern, sleek, streamlined and artistic look that many people crave.  If you are designing a modern home you will probably find that a flat roof or very slightly sloped roof is the best option to create the look you want.


One huge benefit of any flat roof is that it can provide additional living space.  Providing it has been properly built, you can access the roof through a variety of different methods.  Once on the roof you can use it to create a garden, a relaxing private space or even somewhere to enjoy the sunshine.  Access does not need to be from inside the property although this helps; the key to deciding this will probably rest in the age of the vehicle.