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Important Fashion Tips for Girls

Fashion and style is all around us, you see it everywhere from the people you come across everyday to the models in fashion shows to celebrities. Fashion brings out the appearance and flavor of a person. You can dress as trendy, following the latest fashion or you can be unique and can experiment with dozens of mix and matching colors and designs. But also not everything in fashion trends girls will suit you. Different people have different body types and different skin tones, so it is very normal to see that not every piece of outfit in trend will suit everyone. You should always Dress up like your age and body type, do not try to be too ambitious and overdo everything

Here are few latest fashion tips for ladies that might help them to style up and carry the look: 
  1. Showing off skin strategically :
    You should always take care of what to show off and what to keep inside the wraps. If you’re showing of your upper side, cover the lower side and if you’re showing of the lower side, cover up the upper side.
  2. Take care of your whites: Don’t ever over bleach your white clothes. 
  3. Try to keep more brights: Have a wardrobe full of bright colors like red, orange, hot pink. These are more in these days! 
  4. Stretchable Jeans: Always try to buy and wear stretchable jeans with 2% lyrca ,it takes the perfect shape according to your body type. 
  5. Get your pants hem for shoe height: Always,fix your pants hem according to either heels or flats 
  6. Use a scarf: The best trend these days which is simple and gives you a casual look is to wrap a scarf around your neck. 
  7. Go hands free: Always carry a bag along with you while travelling anywhere. The bag that you carry should be spacious enough to fit in all your basic necessities. 
  8. Flaunt your shape: Buy clothes according to your shape and size. Get clothes that make your help you flaunt your shape. 
  9. Layer up with neck pieces:  Even if you wear a simple top or dress try layering it up with bold neck pieces to enhance your look. 
  10. Go all the way striping: Striped pieces are a nice and totally in these days. 
  11. Leopard Print: You should have something in your wardrobe of leopard print, be it a dress or a top or even a belt. 
  12. Mix up: Always try mixing up prints, textures to give yourself different looks. 
  13. Covering it up with jackets or blazers : Try to wear leather jacket or denim jacket to give yourself a cool and stylish look.
  14. Look for twists: Always try to go for something unique like wearing army prints, mixing two bright colours etc.
  15. Add an element of surprise : Always whenever you dress up try to wear something unusual that might surprise people and add up to your looks!
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