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How The Size of The Pearl Influences Your Personality?

If you would like to deliver graceful appearance, you can choose pearls as they play an important role. You can wear them on neck, hand, and finger to enhance your beauty. It is not only the right color but also the right size which makes the difference. Hence, you should be aware of various sizes to magnify your look in the best possible way.  Pearls are found in clams, oysters and molluscs. Pearls are increasing your beauty and passion.  While buying pearls, some of the aspects affecting their prices are their origin, water type, nacre may also be considered.

The following sizes are very common:

  • 3 to 7 mm - it is the most delicate size which can be worn by ladies who would like to go through the intricate details of the pearl. However, most elegant look can be derived by wearing pearl ring made with small size pearl.
  • 7 to 11 mm – Dynamic ladies can go for 7 mm to 11 mm and they can be used for versatile applications without any issues. It is possible to deliver a perfect look for any occasion by choosing medium size.
  • 11 to 14 mm – You can go for statement jewelry by choosing the size in between 11 and 14 mm. A pearl ring made between 11 and 14 mm can be presented for any occasion and there will be great amplification of beauty. If you would like be the center of attraction, you should go for this large size. 

Selection as per occasion 

Pearl rings can be selected as per the occasion such as Mother’s Day, Graduation and Engagement. Tahitian Pearl Ring is the perfect example to present on Mother’s Day. It is not only possible to convey your strong feelings and the pearl will certainly enhance the beauty of your mother.

Wear a bracelet to have the most charming personality! As you choose pearls, your appearance reaches new heights. If you would like to cheer up your friend or loved one, you can present a nice pearl bracelet. It can be selected as per the occasion so that there will be far-reaching upshot. There are mind throbbing collection of bracelets in the market which should be chosen as per the occasion and budget. Thus, you can pose confidently by wearing bright pearls on your hand.

You can also choose bracelets as per the budget. Single-stranded versions are affordable and they are available for many occasions. By going for multiple strands, you can manage dramatic look without any issues. You can present link bracelets which are made up of chains and dangling pearls to young girls. If you would like to deliver extravagant look, you can go for bracelets with gemstones. The intricate metal work will certainly amplify your beauty.

You can deliver enriching experience on the special engagement day by offering a ring made up of precious pearl. It is the best compensation if you fail to offer diamond collection. Mind throbbing varieties can be presented on Graduation to formulate it a big day.