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8 Tips And Ideas For Wedding Flowers - From a Pro

Wedding flowers are considered to be an important part of any wedding as they are the center point of the decoration done for a wedding. They offer large number of opportunities which can let you stretch your creative muscles and add a bit of reality to your wedding occasion. 

Moyses Flowers shares a prominent name as a wedding flowers supplier, as here each and every stem of flower is chosen by professional florists and world class planners. Using the wedding flowers by you can create some very amazing and elegant arrangements and decorations for your wedding occasion.

So here are some creative ideas and tips for wedding flowers which can skyrocket your wedding.

Play With Shapes : Today the tightly bound bouquet and centerpiece shapes are replaced by arrangements with the just-picked and unstructured look. Choose the right flowers for creating a modern look. Hearty blossoms such as orchids, roses, and amaranthus go pretty well in a loose arrangement as they are sleek in shape.

For adding interest and depth into your wedding decoration, you can incorporate non-floral arrangements such as feathers, wheat, berries, and crystals.

Think Pink : Pink is everything right from bright, honeysuckle, and coral shades to classic, sophisticated blush tones in the wedding color palette. You can incorporate softer shades of pink into the floral schemes with some blossoms such as garden roses, peonies, and mini-carnations which offer a very great texture. But it is a must that you avoid clubbing pink with chocolate brown and instead of that pair it with tangerine and lemon yellow. Colors like warm gray and gentle gold complement the softer, rosy, champagne pink very well.

Look Beyond The Vase : We always consider bounding the basic floral vase for holding the flowers. But instead of that, you should also consider mixing and matching certain unique containers such as mason jars, pitchers, milk glasses, old bottles or vintage tins which add interest and reflect your wedding theme very well.

Lighten Up : Candles have always been a popular choice for centerpieces and have now become highly popular as a budget and eco-friendly replacement of traditional floral centerpieces. There are wide range of candlelight options which can inculcate a romantic and organic feel to your wedding as well it saves electricity and wraps an intimate glow around the setting.

Go Green : When it comes to wedding flowers you can easily go green. Take some inspiration from Mother Nature and bring the outdoor in. Moreover, adding natural objects such as stones, twigs, and antlers to the greenery can add an organic aesthetic look to your reception decor.

Make It Personal : A lot of people tend to personalize their weddings, especially brides. They can use the wedding flowers for calling out specific interests by incorporating certain unique items into bouquets and centerpieces for creating a conversation piece for guests. For example bookworms or geeks can use complexly piled books instead of floral centerpieces and wine lovers can use wine bottles as centerpiece holders.

Tie It Together : Hand tied bouquets are still the most popular bouquet style because nowadays brides demand for tailor-made and natural looking wedding flowers. You can create a simple but elegant looking bouquet by gathering a fresh bunch of flowers and wrapping them wide in a satin ribbon or lace. But brides who are willing to glam up can embellish the bouquet with brooches, pins and crystal picks.

A Single Bloom : Using a single type of bloom can provide a simple, elegant and interesting approach to the arrangement. Peonies, ranunculus, mums and garden roses are some all time favorite choices for this type of technique.

A wedding is the most important and special occasion in a person's life. Wedding flowers being the core of any wedding decoration it is must, that you choose them wisely.