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How to really pick a nice black dress or a top

There are some items in your closet that you just cannot go without. These are the must-haves, no matter what your style mantra is. A lot of the must have items that we own are black. Black has many positives – they are less soiled, stains are difficult to see. The color itself is too flattering on all people and all body types. And with a black base, you can freely add more colors in other parts of your outfit and have fun with prints and accessories. Black women tops are items, which are truly versatile.
Women constantly strive to add fresh styles to their collection of fashion garments and bring in variety to the clothes. And women tops are just the stuff we need for this purpose. These are must haves and play a vital role in women’s fashion. They are not only smart and convenient but also offer different ways to dress up on different occasions.

Women tops are out there in all imaginable sizes, shapes, prints and patterns which make them great for wearing to office, to parties and even art exhibitions; and what more, they you can combine them with different styles of pants, jeans and skirts to add diversity to the way you look. You can wear women tops every day to work as well on special days to special events.

Apart from tops, women have an eternally loving bond with western dresses. Starting with the ancient times along with our progress, as our sense of fashion developed, dresses evolved in look from the slightly structured looks with padded hems and stiffer fabrics and longer sleeves and higher waists. From then on western dresses started to take on more and more complex forms and structure, where decorative art work was also seen to be used for embellishing, with fuller skirts and lots of layers.

Gradually as we grew more open to experiments, from the more vintage styles we now come to see the unique styles of western dresses, dresses that go with the present times when we look for comfort and convenience along with style and elegance. We there are multitudes of stylish western dresses that we women in India have accepted so happily.

But out of them all, the little black dress has stayed on with us over time, braving the ups and downs of fashion trends. Not only has this little black dress stayed on, but it has also won the hearts of all the Indian women who are much in love with western fashion.

Very much like the maxi dresses, black dresses are a hot favourite with the Indian women for they can make us look super hot and all ready to rock the party. Black is undoubtedly the most classic color and when worn properly, we can never go wrong. Black dresses emanate that super chic and sophisticated look and is a wardrobe must have which every girl aware of fashion owns nowadays. Wearing a gorgeous black dress is the finest way to showcase your personal sense of style.

The little black dress or LBD is a fashion must have that was introduced by designer Coco Chanel and has been adored by the whole world. Whether you like to keep the look simple or jazz it up with accessories, black dresses can always be relied on to deliver a smart and dressy look exuding volumes of attitude, with hardly any effort. 

They have that innate capability to transform your look seamlessly from the office mode to the party mode, by just adding or removing the proper accessories. Not all black dresses are suitable for any occasion or season; this has got more to do with the styling and material that are used to make the dress.

The little black dress is the best answer to all your dressing up worries – you can wear it just the way you want it during summer, but as the winter sets in, your black dress gets concealed in those layers of woollens. Though you do not need to freeze yourself during the cold, there are ways to wear your black dress while remaining warm.

The little black dress trend is here to stay so you can wear it for all seasons. During winter months, fashion is important and so is the need to stay warm and cosy to enjoy the cold. In that case you can wear tights with your little dress - you can opt to wear sheer tights to make it appear more sensual. Wear those whole shoes or ankle boots to protect your legs during the cold winter months and step out in top style at the same time.