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Greek Antiquities jewelries from Aphrodite Ancient Art

The term jewelry refers to decorative items, worn for personal adornment. Greek women hardly wore jewelry, save and except for special occasions and meant for public appearances. The women used jewelry in ancient Greece for exhibiting their beauty, wealth and status.

There are many Ancient Art Galleries and Greek jewelry shops, which exhibit a wide range of silver and gold jewelry, drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek artifacts. It attaches a timeless value to these elegant pieces of jewelry items along with old-school craftsmanship.
  1. Ancient Greek Necklaces
    • Silver Torc Collar Necklace: The Silver Torc Collar necklaces come with thick Archaic Lion’s head. The size is default ladies size. The custom sized necklaces are available on request only. These are pieces that are reproduced as per the ancient antiquities. The bracelets come with various animal shapes such as Ram, Lion and Capricorn.
    • Grecian Solid Sterling Silver Leaf Necklace: The necklace is heavy and adorned with solid sterling silver leaves. It fits above the collar bone. This item displays vivid details and old-school craftsmanship.
  2. Ancient Greek Bracelets
  3. The bracelets are one type of ancient Greek Antiquities jewelry for Sale.
    • Hellenistic Coiled Silver Bracelet: The best among the bracelets are Hellenistic Coiled Silver Bracelet. This displays the jewellary heritage with the Hellenistic and Archaic splendor. It is designed as an armlet, more for the forearm. It is curved by skilled artisans. The Minoan snake cult as the “Snake Goddess” is the protector of the home.
    • Silver Torc Bracelet: The bracelet is open-ended and fits all wrist-sizes for females. It is completely hand-made process. It appears with Lion and Ram shapes. These items are available in men’s sizes too. It is manufactured with ancient Greek and Minoan processes.
  4. Ancient Greek Pendants Another type of ancient Greek Antiquities for Sale is the exquisite ancient Greek Pendant collection with ancient Greek coins, ancient sacred animals and ancient symbols.

    Athena and Wise Owl Coin Pendant: The pendant bears the monogram of the Goddess Athena, who was the virgin Goddess of wisdom and the protector of the city of Athena. The Head of Athena appears with a Attic helmet with three leaves and round earrings. The owl depicts Athena’s owl, accompanying her always.
  5. Ancient Hellenistic Jewelry
  6. A wide variety of Greek Antiquities jewelries for Sale are from the Hellenistic period. In the Hellenistic period the jewelries were passed from one generation to another as family heirlooms.
Ancient Gold Armbands: A pair of Gold Armbands is classic examples. They have a male and female Triton and winged Eros. The hooves were used to be attached to the garments.

Gold Garnet and Agate Necklace and Earrings: They form a set and are decorated with large Canochon garnets. They are an extremely rare collection.

Gold Openwork hairnet with Medallion: The most superb piece of work by the Hellenistic Goldsmith. It has a combination of delicate filigree and spool-shaped beads. The medallion portrays Maenad, a follower of the Greek Goddess Dionysus. Greek Antiquities jewelry for Sale is a way to preserve the ancient art by the connoisseurs of ancient art.

The Greek Antiquities jewelries are items are worthy for your investment. The gorgeous pieces of art may be displayed, for special occasions.  Add value to your antiquity collection with these ancient jewelry pieces.