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Effect of performance enhancing supplements on human body

Although there are millions of users of performance enhancing supplements availing the benefits on a regular basis very few or almost a negligible percentage of the total mass actually know the working mechanism of such compounds on the bodily functions and the manner in which it regulates the normal functioning. These hormones stimulate receptor molecules in muscle cells thereby activating specific genes to produce proteins.

They have also been seen to have an impact on the activation rate of enzymes related to protein metabolism. This tends to give an anti-catabolic effect on the body by inhibiting protein degradation and enhancing protein synthesis.

These effects on the human body calls for the need to undergo heavy resistance training to provide substantial impact on physical performance. Several research studies over the years have shown anabolic supplements to have a marked effect on performance enhancement,especially among professional athletes and bodybuilders.

However, the effect of such product depends upon unbound receptor sites and varies from person to person. Producing increased muscle tension and training with heavier weights can help to provide pronounced impact on the body.The synthetic derivatives of testosterone are recently in the rounds these days for a variety of benefits and its lack of side-effects.

Reasons for prescribing oral supplements 

The supplements that are consumed for performance enhancement are naturally produced within the body but due to lack of some of them they are artificially injected to produce the desired result. The oral version of these compounds is commonly used to achieve preset goals. They can be taken either by mouth in tablet form or soluble tablet form or even as liquid solutions. Some of the commonly prescribed ones are dexamethasone, betamethasone, methylprednisolone and many more.

Apart from enhancement in lean muscle mass and performance enhancement the oral versions are prescribed to treat a number of ailments some of which includes the treatment of bowel inflammatory disease like ulcerative colitis and the Crohn’s disease, joint and muscle complications like polymyalgia rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps in curing autoimmune diseases such as autoimmune hepatitis and other allergies and pulmonary diseases as well.

The risk to reward ratio

There is a great deal of confusion among users of muscle enhancing supplements about the fact that how much effects can be expected from the use of a particular product. Till date such a question has no appropriate answer as there are several conditions upon which the results are dependent. All supplement stacks and cycles carry with them a certain degree of risk to reward ratio, irrespective of the experience of the user. With the increase in the degree of risk the need to take precautionary measures also increase and vice-versa.

The synthetic derivatives of testosterone contain lower risk to reward ratio in comparison to other alternatives. With progress and increase in the dosage levels not only the rewards increase but also the risk of any probable side-effects increases proportionately requiring the need to take medical suggestions from a professional health-care physician.