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Choosing Sandals According to Your Leg Type

Most people often think that shopping for sandals  is just the same as shopping for closed shoes. Indeed, the steps undertaken are the same, but there are in fact differences between shopping for these two footwear types. Knowing how to shop for sandals allows you to enjoy them better once you have them on your feet, and you must look at them differently as you do with shoes.

So what are the ways to keep in mind then shopping for sandals? Here are five to watch out for:

1. Snug fit.When shopping for sandals, it is very important that you consider the fit. Unlike shoes, it is a no-no for you to buy sandals that are one size bigger or smaller than your feet. This is mainly because sandals are open and are only secured by fasteners, unlike shoes that keep the feet intact as a whole.

Opting for a snug-fit sandal allows your feet to stay secured in them without being at risk to getting off the footwear by accident. Don’t you notice that when the sandal is too loose, you easily trip or get your feet entangled with it? This is because the unnecessary space causes the feet to feel stiff and awkward, and these result to the said incidents.

2. Thin calves. If you happen to have thin calves, then you’re in luck because you can easily adapt with all types of sandals available in the market. However, if you want to put an emphasis on your calves and feet, then you may go for sandal types that come in bold colours, as these give more volume and shape on the feet.

Platform sandals also make the feet look wider, and so do horizontal stripes. You may also go for sandals with a mix of colour and have thick straps and soles so that your feet are given emphasis. These sandals are best worn with skirts and dresses that are above the knee.

3. Thick calves. On the other hand, if you have thick calves, then it would be better to go for heeled sandals with thin toe tips. These sandals make the feet and calves look more slender and longer, and of course give you more height. You may also go for nude coloured sandals as these shades also make the feet and legs look longer and slimmer. However, if you are not a fan of nudes, then you can go for black, orange, white, and other earth tones.

Flat sandals or those with low platform heels are also recommended for women with thick calves, as well as sandals that expose only the toes as they make the feet look narrower and give more lengh to the legs.

4. Consider the size of your feet.You also need to consider the size of your feet when shopping for sandals, regardless of leg type. The key rule here is that if you want to make your feet look smaller, then go for long closed sandals; meanwhile, if you have short feet, then flip-flop types make them look wider.

5. To those who have weak ankles. Sandals come in different types of fasteners. Some are hooked, secured via Velcro tape, or in sling back straps. You may have to try out all these fasteners first in order to see which of them works best for your feet since you need to feel comfortable in them once you use your sandals.

If you have weak ankles, then it is best that you choose sandals that secure the whole feet and come with thick fasteners. This will ease the pressure on the ankles when walking using the said footwear. Meanwhile, if you are into using sandals for long-haul walking and other outdoor activities, then heavy-duty straps using Velcro tape would provide the best benefits.