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Benefits of push notifications in a mobile app

One of the main purposes of developing a mobile app platform for your business is to enhance the mobility of the services provided by you, and improve upon the customer engagement process. Taking it further, the mechanism of push notifications on your mobile app can greatly improve upon the level of interaction that you command from your users. However, the system should be used in such a way that it actually promotes customer delight instead of instigating antagonism.

The aim of the push notifications is to keep the user updated with relevant information such as a latest feature of a game, the launch of a new product and or a latest news feed, even when the app is inactive. The push notification works by sending pop ups and alerts to the mobile screen of the user, that command a call to action such as accept or decline. In addition to this, the technology also makes use of small circular badges on the upper right corner of the app icon, that displays the number of notifications received, and yet to be opened by the user. We are listing a few benefits of the push notification on your mobile app, which might help enhance the performance of your business tremendously.
Push notifications help in engaging the customers
Owing to the fact that a majority of the apps on an individual’s mobile phone are hardly ever used, the push notifications help getting in touch with the inactive users. Since your app might end up getting forgotten amidst a sea of other mobile apps, the system helps in providing updated information by the developers, with the aim of catching the attention of the users. In addition to this, the push notifications also help in encouraging the customers to return to the app and get more involved in taking its services. The system goes a long way in building brand recognition, which might eventually lead to higher traffic and number of conversions.

Push notifications provide additional control to the user
With the help of their device and in app settings, the users can easily customize the frequency of alerts and notifications received by them. This facility greatly enhances the level of customer satisfaction, and significantly reduces the chances of him getting annoyed by unsolicited notifications. For example, while using a sports channel mobile app, the user can actually customize the several levels during the game, when he wishes to receive the score updates via a push notification. He can also entirely turn off the alerts for specific periods, for example during a meeting, when he doesn’t wish to be disturbed by the notification sounds on his phone.

Push notifications provide you a valuable insight into the minds of your customers
The push notifications help the developers get a profound understanding of the behavioral patterns of their customers. By tracking the demographics, platforms, devices and interaction times of the users, the developers get an idea of how, when, where and why the users use their app.

Push notifications provide an easier alternative to other forms of communication
Considering the cost of marketing from the developer’s point of view, the push notification system is by far the most economically viable channel of communication with the customer. Unlike the expensive SMSs and the length, messy emails, the push notifications provide a faster and cheaper platform for interacting with your customers. The push notifications comprise of easy to understand, simple messages that convey crisp relevant information to the customer. The precise, user specific, and highly focused information provided by the push notifications, ensure a higher level of customer engagement as compared to the other channels of communication.

Push notifications facilitate location based and in store targeting
With the help of location detection technologies such as geo fencing and geo targeting, the push notifications can go a long way in determining the demographics of the app users and conveying location relevant messages to them, to initiate a favorable response. Similarly, the in store targeting  helps in finding an active app user, who might be present in person at the retail outlet of the brand, and alerting him with such messages that indicate the hottest deals of the day.

With a plethora of mobile apps and businesses available in the market today, the most important factor for the growth of your business, is to attract attention of the potential audience. And, the push notification technology does just that.