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Balance Is the Key to Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in the interior, as you have probably read countless times before. It affects the atmosphere in the interior in a major way, making it this way or that way. Which is why making mistakes in interior lighting can cost you dearly? So, how do you avoid them?

Lighting has its sources, and it is important that those sources are varied. If you keep your interior only on one source of lighting, it is a bad thing for you and your home, as well as your guests. Don’t rely on just one form of lighting, try to use as many as you can. But, as many as you can, doesn’t mean all of them. So, with that being said…

Overdoing it, and using too much is not a good thing either. The key is balance. So, the number of light sources in your interior should be more than one, but less than too much. There really isn’t a set guideline on how to pick that number; you just have to go with the way you feel. The same thing goes for the power of the lighting. It is important that you don’t have stage lights on your ceiling. Subtle and balanced lighting is very important.

It depends on the atmosphere you want to achieve, too. Because, if you need a more powerful light, then by all means, you should get one. But, if the interior asks for a more subtle type of lighting, then again, by all means, get one. Functionality is also a very important thing when it comes to lighting, so you don’t want too weak or too strong light in areas where you need certain functions, like the kitchen, or the bathroom. Try to find out what works best for you, and find a middle way.

Continuing on theme of balance in lighting, the same thing can be said of built in lights. Having a thousand little built in lights in your ceiling will make it look like Swiss cheese, and you definitely don’t want that. As we already said before, find what works best for you, and try to find a midpoint, between excess, and not enough. It is very important if you want good atmosphere and lighting in your space.

As you have probably guessed by the general theme of this article, it’s all about balance! Well, it’s not ALL about balance, but for the most part, it is. So, along with balance comes flexibility, to add to it. That is why potentiometers are important, but a lot of people forget about them.

The great thing about them is that they allow you to control the power of the light, adapting it to your needs, without you needing to change the light bulbs or anything else. You just have to flip a switch, and the atmosphere in the interior is changed, which is very convenient.

The same can be said about blinds, because they give you flexibility too, but potentiometers are more accurate.