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5 Easy Steps To Prepare Wedding Bouquets At Home

Wedding day is a fairytale day for any bride, as it is full of enthusiasm and excitement. Every bride wants to have that particular day the most memorable one. Besides from wedding flower orders, if someone has a specified budget or wanting to show their creativity, they may create their wedding bouquet at home using some simple essentials. If you want to buy some flower options for an idea, you can order them online at Moyses flowers london. You simply can create your own bouquet at home, just by using some needful stuff.

What do you need in creating homemade bouquets? Please note down the essentials. You’ll need a bucket, 30 to 60 stems of flowers, ribbon, paper towel, rubber band, stem cutter or sharp knife, straight pins, and stem stripper etc. Be prepared with these primary necessities and then follow the below steps :

1. Prepare the flowers : First, remove excess foliage and thorns from the stems and also pull off an unattractive outer extra petals. Then fill a sink with water and hold the stems underwater. Take a sharp knife to cut the stems at an angle to cut them 2 inches away from the bottom. Allow the flowers to drown for some seconds then place the stems into a bucket filled halfway with cool water.

Remember, if you’re working with roses and the heads aren’t open yet, you can force the blooms to open by placing the stems in a bucket of hot water. But take care while doing this, only do this for a couple of minutes just before using them. You should keep the stems long while working and trim them to shorter length after constructing a bouquet.

2. Assemble the flowers : Take one stem at a time using one hand and use another hand to hold the flowers in the place. Assemble four flowers at an even height in the square shape. Then arrange  other flowers one by one around the center most flowers to give them a dome shape.

For an overview, look that creation into the mirror and observe about the progression and guide yourself accordingly.

3. Secure the bouquet : To securing bouquet, use a rubber band or tape to bind the stems at the spot where they join. Repeat the same binding towards the end of the stems, leaving about 2 inches of excess stem which will be trimmed later, either place the stems in water and wrap them later to secure your home-made creation till the end.

4. Finish the handle : You should cut the stem ends so that they will look around 7 to 8 inches long. Then dry off the stems with a paper towel and cut a ribbon about three times longer than the actual length of stems. After the proper cut, start wrapping the ribbon in a spiral pattern around the stems from the bottom. After reaching at the bottom, try to  wrap it in a spiral back up the stem. Then secure your bouquet with a couple of pins and push it through the ribbon and into the stems. If you like the bow then cut a separate length of ribbon and tie it below the flower heads.

5. Preserve the bouquet : After the previous step, wrap the bouquet in tissue. And to keep them fresh till the ceremony, store them in the cool place like in a refrigerator. For long lasting freshness, make this home-made bouquet in the morning. Once the bouquet is constructed, keep the stems in water as long as you can and mist the heads. Wrap the stems while you’re ready for an occasion. It will show your creativeness plus it gives pleasure to the recipient.

Buying from the shop or online stores are not the only options. By making amazing bouquets at home, you can attract others with your creative activities. Plus, it costs less than market price also, save your time of deciding best one from different stores. Just try it!