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10 Common Fashion Mistakes

We all want to look good, always. Be it a wedding function or a birthday party, we want to look our best always. But sometime or the other, we always end up making a small mistake regarding fashion and regret later about why we wore that skirt with that top or why we wore that high heels. Here are some common fashion mistakes done by girls:

1.Some girls always buy the same size in clothes. Girls who shop high fashion know that different brands have different sizes. For example, one who wears M size of Zara may wear S size of Forever 21. Don’t worry, always pay attention on what looks good on you.

2.‘Dry-clean only’ tags are not always correct. Some garments say that they need to be dry cleaned only to keep up the quality of the fabric. Not only does this get pricey, but many of them hold up better when hand washed.

3.You shop just to flaunt it. Some people have this thinking that they will buy those high branded shoes just to flaunt it on their Facebook or instagram profile, but the question is, do you really love those shoes or not?

4.Tall girls avoid wearing high heels- This is silly. Tall girls think that they are already so tall so they can’t wear heels otherwise they’ll look weird. But mind it, your favourite actress must be really tall and you love those sexy heels she wore, right? Need to explain more?

5.You hate shopping because it's tiring-Many girls don’t like hanging around here and there and shopping like crazy because its tiring, but girls, do not rely on those same clothes in your closet, go get yourself some new clothes, or you can also shop online. For e.g. In developing countries like India, girls can find plenty of women footwear online in India. They don’t need to think twice before buying a good brand product online.

6.Men’s wear is not just for men. Yes, it’s true, you can always buy yourself a cool sweatshirt or a jacket for yourself and swag that style. Many made-for-men pieces can literally work for you. Go ahead and checkout men’s section next time.

7.Sweatshirts cannot always be casual. Top designers showcase sweatshirts differently yet stylish looking. So next time, don’t think twice matching your favourite sweatshirt with a good necklace and a good pair of shoes.

8.Red is always the best. Some girls have a thinking that they can’t wear red to a wedding. But nowadays, there are many styles of red dresses that are perfect to worn on any type of occasion.

9.You think you can’t pair gold with silver because it will look weird. Girls, don’t miss out on something really good.

10. Dirty jeans always look good. Girls think that jeans should be washed as much as other clothing. When you wash your jeans much often, the shape is lost. Wash them only when they’re stained.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Always keep these important points in your head and there you go, you don’t need any professional advice now.

About Me:

Kristin is a fashion designer by profession but she also has a deep passion for writing, especially fashion blogs. She has done Masters in Fashion Designing from Symbiosis and is very particular about her dressing sense since her childhood.

She believes that it’s your inner beauty that radiates your skin and it’s your style that gets reflected through your fashion. In her leisure hours she loves shaking her limbs on music beats, in short, she is also passionate for dancing.