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Team your short kurti with a long skirt for that extra oomph

It’s not easy to stand out in a crowd, especially when you are a simple woman. The reason why this is so is that there is hardly any woman these days who walks out of home without a good dress, makeup and matching jewellery. However, looking beautiful is every woman’s secret desire. If you thought that you can never look beautiful just because you are not that fond of adorning yourself, you were all wrong. You can dazzle even in a simple outfit, provided it has been chosen keeping in mind your personality, body type and complexion.
When it comes to simple dresses, one of the most opted for outfits is a kurti. Kurtis are not only extremely versatile but also exceedingly simple. So, if you are someone who swears by simplicity, switching to a kurti would be the best bet. What will impress you about this dress is that it serves a dual purpose of being a traditional as well as a casual wear. So, no matter whether it is a formal party or a casual ‘hangout’ with friends, you can slip into one without appearing too formal or casual. Trust this-kurtis are the order of the day. And it has seen a surge in its popularity over the years.

Now, there are many clothing combinations possible with a kurti. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, jeggings or leggings or team it up with Patiala pyjamas. All of these combinations are popular and each of them has its own fan base. However, if you are someone, who is bored of wearing these combos then trying something different will break the monotony. Now, what different can you try? Try complementing your kurti with a long skirt, and you will don a look worth dying for.
Teaming your kurti with a long skirt will also impart a mughal feel to your look. When you will step out of your home in such a look, you will definitely turn heads. Although, any kurti will do the trick, short kurtis bring out the desired look in an effective manner.  
There are different coloured short kurtis for long skirts available in the market. But the colour you choose should depend on the colour of the skirt you would wear your kurti with. If the skirt is light coloured, make sure you pick a dark coloured kurti and vice versa. If either of the two items is in a floral print, make sure the other is in a solid pattern. There are different lengths in which kurtis are available. For a kurti to match a long skirt, it should end slightly above or at the knee. Make sure you pick the kurti keeping in mind your overall height. Even a regular short kurti might appear long on you if you are short heighted. To fix such a problem, you should give it for alteration.
If you follow the above mentioned rules of thumb, you will definitely carry off yourself well in a short kurti complemented with a long skirt.