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Organizing Your Baby's 1st Birthday Party? Some Tips

Your baby’s first birthday is an important milestone for not only your toddler but also you. This special day denotes that, you have successfully completed your first year of parenthood and it definitely calls for a celebration. However, organizing a big party at this age may not be appropriate for your baby since she may get anxious by seeing a large gathering. Hence, planning a small do along with close friends and relatives, as well as your baby’s playmates from her day care might be just perfect.
There are lots of shops in Mumbai who sell birthday supplies exclusively. You can find a large variety of balloons, toys, hats, plastic utensils and other decorative items in these stores. While you may want to personally manage every aspect of your little one’s big day, leave the job of clicking photos to a professional babies and kid’s photographer in mumbai.  You will not regret this after seeing the brilliant end result which you may transform into a photobook to cherish in the years to come.
We have brought here a few tips which will come handy while organizing a birthday party for your one year old:
Plan properly: Decide about venue, food, and guests at least four weeks prior to the date. Also, planning a mid-morning or early evening party will be good since your baby will be well-rested and less cranky. Most importantly, plan a brief party since babies get bored quickly.
Guests: Invite the people your baby is familiar with. She is most likely to enjoy the company of babies of her age.
Baby-proofing:  If you are throwing the party at your home, baby-proof it first. Designate a particular portion of your house for the do and lock the rest. Replace all expensive furniture and furnishing with colorful plastic pieces. Remove the carpet and all breakables and go for non-slippery vinyl floor mats. Your little guests may be still on their fours. Hence, allocate a wide floor space filled with colorful toys, surrounded by baby fencing. Arrange seats around the same for the parents to keep an eye on their kids. Also, allot a high plastic table for the gifts. Otherwise, expect most of them to be broken by the end of the day.
Hire a babysitter: You may need some external help to perform your duty as a host. Ask a relative to take care of your baby or hire a professional. You may also need some volunteers to keep a check on other walking, climbing, crawling little monsters.
Foods: Babies look for variety than quantity. Include lots of finger foods in all possible colors. Have plenty of juices, milk and soft chewable stuffs handy. Cookies, cupcakes, small idlis, bite-size sandwiches are all good. For your grown-up guests, keep a variety of snacks and beverages. For the special birthday cake, place the order at least three days before and ask for the flavor you child loves.
Games: Kid’s party without games is boring. Plan for some fun games involving song and dance appropriate for the little people, as well as their parents.
Favors: Finally, don’t forget to give away return gifts. Storybooks, small soft toys, foil balloons etc. are good options.
We understand that arranging a party with babies is a tough job. However, the above tips will help you in throwing a successful one. Meanwhile, ask your kid’s photographer to click pictures of your baby with each guest, which you can mail them as a thank you note later.