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Looking for a baby stroller? 6 Factors You Must Know Before Buying

Most of the parents are very much excited to buy every little stuff their baby needs.  The stroller is one of them. Don’t you get tired carrying your baby on your shoulders while you’re traveling or roaming around? Buy stroller now! The best option for a baby as well as for the parents. The main purpose of a stroller is to carry your baby easily on the pushchair.

One good alternative, for first 6 months wearing your baby in a baby carrier. Infants love the hold of being carried on mum’s chest. And toddlers love to be carried on mum’s back. Strollers are the best carriers that distribute weight, so it is effortless to carry the baby for hours and easily perform another task by leaving your hands free. While strolling is more convenient it’s also less expensive. Icandy raspberry stroller is a perfect choice for the city-dwelling parents aiming a light weight, compact stroller for zipping around the town in style. If you're really confused about buying the baby stroller, this post is just for you.

Unlike other baby products, strollers serve you for years. The best quality stroller will serve you not just between the ages of 6 months or above. It can be used for multiple kids in future. Also, you can give it on rent or gift to your friends or relatives. For choosing the best stroller, you need to know the different types available in the market. Let’s see some of them....

Types Of Strollers

1.        Standard Size :
A standard sized is a most common type. These feature-rich products offer ample storage, comfortable seats, bigger wheel size and weight eligibility of around 16-37 lbs. All offer some kind of car seat adapter and some of them provide reclined seat which works as an alternative to the bassinet. Some high-end products also include bassinet for the infants.

2.        Car Seat Frame :
It is less known but a favorite one for most of the parents while their kid is in their first 6-12 months. These products provide frame that car seat can click onto. For the first, parent this seems like an odd approach but for the experienced ones, they wish that they knew about it earlier. These type of prams are inexpensive, light weight, compact and carries 11 to 16 lbs. This one is best for mums who’ve just had a baby.

3.        Lightweight :
Usually, weighing up to 8-17 lbs, these strollers are great while you travel because of its light weight and compact nature. But have fewer features than standard size. They don’t offer car-seat adapters, so can’t be used until baby turns 6 months or above. They also have small wheels so it is difficult to push on rough surfaces.

4.        Jogging :
Jogging prams are specially designed to roll smooth and straight while running. And it impacts less to a baby while bump comes. Weight lifted up to 23 to 31 lbs.

5.        Double :
Double strollers are made up for twins or for the babies with less age difference. It provides two seats side by side. It also works for two kids like One kid and another toddler. It can carry up to 21-36 lbs. They’re narrow enough to fit through most doorways. If you have or will have twins, keep in mind that car seat frames also come in double versions. This can become your right option while having twins.

6.        Travel Systems :
As per technical view, it is not a type of stroller, but a bundle package that combines car seat with a strolling product in a single pack. We advise caution before buying this one because many parents regret later. These strollers are heavy as compared to a car seat frame and provides poor performance though priced attractively.

Conclusion :
There are so many products in the market to meet your strolling needs. You also have multiple options to find the right stroller for your kid. From above mentioned types, you’ll have an idea about types and advantages so that you can choose best and a comfortable one for your precious cargo. Carry your baby in appropriate wheels and be aware of duplicate materials used in it. Feel comfortable, stay stress-free and enjoy the infancy of your baby!…