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Do You Know These 6 Things About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi being the capital of United Arab Emirates is one of the most happening places of the Middle East. With major offices and headquarters of government based here, this is also the second most populous placesof UAE. And the name Abu Dhabi in Arabic means “father of Gazelle” and gazelle were found here extensively in ancient times. If any of your friend or relative is settled here, wish him/her with flower delivery to Abu Dhabi on their special days.

Let’s see some of the facts about Abu Dhabi and know this place better.
  1. Want to visit Abu Dhabi? If yes, please avoid the summer months and hit this place between October and May to get the best weather. You should also avoid the Ramadan months because this place becomes quieter in this time and you cannot drink and eat freely at this time.
  2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must see architectural set up in Abu Dhabi. Just remember that as Friday is the Jumma Day, this mosque remains closed for tourism purposes for a significant part of the day. Certain guidelines are also laid down to visit this mosque – loose fitting ankle length trousers for guys and skirts for girls are to be worn. And head of women must be covered. The view is a breath-taking one.
  3. Do you know that buying alcohol here is not as easy as in India? You need to be a resident of Abu Dhabi with license to buy of alcohol to enjoy your boozing sessions.
  4. There can be strictly no Public Display of Affection or PDA. Holding hands is tolerated with raised brows but anything more than this my get people into legal trouble.
  5. Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix witnesses one of the most notable cluster of people from all around the world in November. So, you can also plan your trip around this time to get an experience of a lifetime.
  6. Abu Dhabi is the heartland of the most advancing regions of the world as it is very well connected to Australian, Asian, European, and American business centers.
So, like any other place of UAE, this is also a promising one that offers a good work and homely culture for you. Send Gifts to UAE to your best friend who is doing quite well there.