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Best shopping options in Singapore that can be availed by obtaining a visa

There are several Singapore visa options  that is available for all and sundry who fulfills the fundamental criteria. There are three basic steps to secure a visa for Singapore. Step one is taking the desired advice on the type of visa to be availed. Second is submitting all the required documents and third is getting a visa. There are different types of visa that can be availed. These are mentioned below:

1. Training Employment Pass :

This type of visa is for the students of a foreign recognised university or college who wishes to pursue a training in a course that in related to their academic sessions with one of the established Singaporean company that can sponsor a student by providing him 3,000 SGM a month and a student in no case is allowed to get a family member along. This pass is valid for only 3 months and in no case can be extended.

2. Employment Pass Singapore:

This pass has three levels, namely, P1, P2 and Q1 Pass. It is for the foreign professionals who wants to work in Singapore and also have the recognized qualifications to work here and earn a monthly salary of more than 3,300 SGD. The salary earned  should be more than 3,000 SGD for Q1 Pass that extends to more than 4,500 SGD for P2 Pass and more than 8,000 for P1 Pass.

3. Personalized Employment Pass:

This is a work visa for which an individual can apply Without having a job in Singapore or without getting tied to sny employer for a period of 3 years. This also means that an individusl can remain unemployed for a period of 6 months initially and in between switching a job.

4. S Pass Singapore:

This pass can be secured by people who have average skills, for instance, technicians and the only eligibility is that one must earn at least 2,200 SGD per month on a fixed basis. The documents are submitted to the Ministry of  Manpower and visa is received within 7 working days.

5. Dependents Pass Singapore:

This pass is for the spouses or for the children of a person who is already holding an S Pass or Employment Pass of Singapore. The only requirement is that the original holder of visa must earn 5,000 SGD per month on fixed basis . After getting a Letter of Concent the owner of this visa can also start working.

6. Long Term Social Visit Pass:

Those who come under the category of P1 and P2 Pass holders are eligible for this type of pass for their spouses, parents and children. After the submission of basic required documents it take 7 days to avail the benefits of visa.

These are all a sigh of relief for those who want to explore Singapore and avail all the benefits that are provided by the politically stable government in addition to the investment friendly atmosphere that prevails in this nation that is reaching the heights of success in each and every sphere.