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Anticipation towards the opening of Mangabeira shopping centre

João Carlos Paes Mendonça is a well known businessman from Brazil and he is considered as the Pope of Malls. João Carlos Paes Mendonça is the proprietor of Grupo Bompreço and he owns Sistema Jornal do Commercio de Comunicação. He has many shopping centres around Brazil. Since he runs many businesses in Brazil, he is very popular among the people.

Recently he was interviewed by the famous newspaper Folha de São Paulo. João Carlos Paes Mendonça has shared lot of things in that interview. When he was talking about his further plans he said that there is no more space to build a shopping mall in Brazil.

Actually he controls almost 15 shopping centres in Northeast of Brazil. Hence he says the capital of Paraiba does not have enough space to make another shopping centre. He was also talking about the opening of his new centre Mangabeira Shopping in the next year.

The building works is going on in Fortaleza city and this will be another brand of João Carlos Paes Mendonça.  Since he is running many shopping centres in North-eastern places, he does not want to build another one in the same area. He said that the shopping malls are serving many people in those locations.

As per the available information, Mangabeira shopping will be having the facilities to control all other shopping malls in the location. Roberto Santiago who is an entrepreneur and the proprietor of Shopping Manaira is in full swing. Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping is also a popular shopping centre in the location. The opening of this new project in Joao Pessoa has been confirmed in the year 2014.

In fact, the Mangabeira Shopping centre has been launched in last October 19 and the facilities of the centre are under construction in the place Hilton Avenue Souto Maior which is in the Mangabeira district in João Pessoa.

In order to raise the shopping mall in the location, almost $ 240 million has been invested. It is expected that the mall will definitely be opened in the next year. Moreover the centre will include 210 satellite stores, miniâncoras, 15 anchor stores and along with a food court.

The opening of this mall will also give many job opportunities to the people around the location. This is one of the major highlight about this new mall. Almost 750 jobs will be opened for the Mangabeira shopping. Also the number of jobs will also be increased with in the December.

It is expected that around 2500 jobs will be created and people will be hired. Similarly the number of employees will be increased. Since many unemployed people can get job here, people in the location are looking forward for the opening of this mall. In fact this is an imperative step which is taken in the economy.

Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping centre owner said that many people will get benefited in this opening and it will be a growth for the business of the shopping mall and also for the people in the location.