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What to Look for When Investing in a Luxury Watch

The decision to buy a luxury watch should be a well planned one. Given the higher financial investment that is involved in the purchase of a luxury timepiece as compared to a mass-produced watch, it is only natural to want to do some research on the subject beforehand. If you have decided to buy a luxury watch, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind along with some basic knowledge of luxury watches.

High Quality Investment

What makes a luxury watch different from a mass-produced one is the quality of labor that goes into creating it. While a cheaper model will usually be made by unskilled workers, luxury watches are made by skilled horologists with high levels of craftsmanship. For example, Patek Philippe is a Swiss brand that has been present for 175 years and represents the gold standard when it comes to luxury watches. Each of their beautifully crafted pieces take between 10 months and 2 years to be manufactured, depending on the complexity of the model. While these watches take a long time to create, they also last much longer as the materials used are of excellent quality.

A luxury watch may last decades and is something a father could pass on to a son, for example, but with a mass-produced watch, this will most likely not be possible as they will rarely survive over half a decade at best. This is why a luxury watch is often seen as an investment. In addition, these watches are usually created with high value materials such as gold, platinum or diamonds, which can only appreciate in value over time. Mass-produced watches, on the other hand, are made of plastic or low value plated alloy materials such as zinc alloy which would not be worth much if you were to resell it at a later stage. For these reasons, most people see buying a luxury watch to be the same as buying a piece of jewelry.

An example of a watch made of extremely high quality material is this Chopard piece which contains free moving diamonds with a gold-plated dial and casing.

The crown of the watch is set with beautiful sapphire crystal and buyers also have the option of having the gold-plated dial made entirely in diamonds. Along with these materials, the technology behind the watch is a closely guarded secret by Chopard.

Durability, Fit & Style
For those looking for a luxury watch that is also a durable sports watch, look no further than this Fossil Nate Chronograph model. It has a resistance of up to 50 meters under water and the cover is made of mineral glass as opposed to sapphire crystal. Mineral glass is almost impossible to shatter and is, therefore, a great material for a durable watch such as this one. A sapphire crystal cover is very hard to scratch and is more commonly seen in luxury watches designed for daily use.

This watch also has a double clasp locking system, which is commonly found in sports watches or those designed to remain on your wrist regardless of the physical sport or activity you are taking part in.

It's important to keep in mind the fit of a luxury watch such as this one. Given the broader strap, it would be more suited to a broader wrist. If you have a slim wrist, it's better to opt for a watch with a thin strap. The sign of a well-fitted watch is that is makes little or no movement on your wrist and almost no noise during any movement.  For example, this Hublot women's watch has a comparatively thinner strap since it’s meant to be worn on a slimmer wrist.

This luxury time piece, like many other Hublot watches from Ethos Watches, is an automatic one, which means it runs on power that is produced by an oscillating weight inside the watch and doesn’t require any batteries. Some of the world's best known luxury brands sell automatic watches that are handmade including Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex and Breitling. It is no surprise then that Hublot was named the official FIFA World cup time keeper in 2010 as well as 2014 and is favored by celebrities including ace runner Usain Bolt.

Wealth & Celebration
One of the biggest reasons for buying a luxury watch is the subtle display of wealth that it represents. Not only do these watches look classy, but they are seen as symbols of success and luxury. Some of the world's most successful men and women wear luxury watches, which project the wearer as someone with excellent taste and impeccable style. This Panerai watch can be described in exactly those words. The 18 carat red gold case along with the alligator leather strap gives an ultra luxurious feel.

A luxury watch would be the perfect gift for a special occasion and in a country such as India, where celebrations for festivals, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are given a lot of importance, a luxury watch would make a perfect gift for those looking for understated brilliance

Author Bio: Abhishek is a watch enthusiast, passionate about the best and finest timepieces that are crafted around the world. A musician, photographer, graphic designer, digital marketer, wannabe astronomer and an analytic looking for patterns in life, there is very little that this person with ADHD and OCD is not interested in.