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Know About VoIP And Its Uses In Mobile Technology

If you don’t know already then most ordinary phone numbers you have are given to you or leased to you by network providers over the traditional PSTN – public switched telephone. But there is another network that you should know about that is a method and technology of the transfer of voice calls and messages and data of communications over other networks such as Internet Protocol (IP) networks, this is also why VoIP is called Voice over Internet Protocol network. In common language VoIP is the communication technology that allows making phone calls using the Internet instead of the PSTN. 

Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol is the term for internet telecommunications or IP telephony which allows for the transfer, and receiving and making of voice calls and videos calls, other telephony multimedia through the internet. VoIP works by sending information containing voice information or voice data in form of data packets just like the ones sent and received to make internet connectivity work unlike the traditional method of Public switched telephone networks.  The biggest advantage of using VoIP and IP telephony and communication is that you don’t have to pay for the call rates that and charges levied by network providers. Internet telephony or IP mobile communications is the term that usually refers to the services of voice calls, videos calls, messages etc provided through the VoIP/public network. The protocols, principles, and steps of telephony and transmitting the signal, digitizing the signals, coding, encoding, etc remain the same like public switched telephone network for voice just like Voice over Internet Protocol network with the only difference being in the medium of transfer of voice information or data; PSTN digitizes and transmits voice data or information through circuit-switched network. So basically a Voip phone number has the ability to make calls or video chat or send texts through the internet.


This mode of network provision or calling has become extremely popular because any person with a VoIP Phone number can switch their network to VoIP or download particular software and applications that work on the VoIP network rather than switching carriers. Most networks now also provide the “on-net call” facility. This is basically VoIP network, customers have the option to either enable their SIM cards to provide VoIP or they can change their networks to VoIP and still be on the same carrier, the carriers charge extremely less compared to normal PSTN call rates. This is therefore the biggest advantage of using VoIP as your network is that you can make calls and send texts free of cost  or extremely cheaply as long as you an internet connection, wifi or mobile network. Many popular social media apps have free calling services that also work on the same principles of VoIP. Other internet calling and video calling applications, websites, services or softwares also work on the same principle of VoIP. VoIP has many other advantages too, you can also video call which is also available on PSTN network but is very costly. Thus VoIP networks are the networks of the future.