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International Tax & Investment Center Improving Investment Climate Across The World

The economy of a nation plays a profound role in determining the quality of life of the people living in it. Policymakers are aware of this fact. They have always put a great emphasis on ensuring economic development. This is possible only by sound investment policies. To achieve the same goal, many countries become a member of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 1960.

However, many choose not to become a member, and International Tax & Investment Center (ITIC) is working consistently to improve the investment climate in such countries. Today, many countries across the world seek its expertise and assistance for capacity building.

A globally renowned organization

The International Tax and Investment Center enjoys a global presence as an independent and non-profit organization that promotes tax reforms and multiple public-private initiatives. Headquartered in the city of Washington DC in the United States of America, the organization has its offices and affiliates all over the globe i.e. United Kingdom, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and many more. It works closely with international financial institutions of great repute like International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Customs Organization, and much more.

With over 100 corporate sponsors, no wonder the International Tax and Investment Center is successfully achieving its goal of encouraging tax, trade and investment policies in countries, which are not a member of OECD. These corporate sponsors are not from a single industry but from a broad industry spectrum including banking, energy, technology, automotive, manufacturing, consumer goods, services and much more.

Global Thematic Initiatives
The organization has its mission delivery around a number of global thematic initiatives, which are the most complex challenges for public as well as private stakeholders across the world. These global thematic initiatives are as follows:
  • Natural Resource Taxation
  • Tax Administration
  • Treaties and Withholding Taxes
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Trade Rules/Illicit Trades
  • Indirect Taxes on Products & Services
Multiple Regional programs 
The International Tax and Investment Center conducts a large number of regional programs in multiple countries that include the following ones:
  • Africa-Since 2000, the International Tax and Investment Center has worked actively with over 20 African nations.
  • Asia-Pacific - The regional program run by the organization started in 1996 and has a number of advisors for the region.
  • Eurasia - What started with an international conference in Eurasia soon became a full-fledged regional program over the years and has now proved its capacity to assist governments in establishing sound tax policies.
Apart from the above ones, the International Tax and Investment Center also conducts its regional programs successfully in other regions i.e. Latin America and the Middle East/ North America.

Hence, there is a little doubt that the organization has always remained in a forefront in successfully encouraging and promoting an investment climate in countries across the globe. It has been a champion to work consistently for the cause of driving economic growth with all its available resources and integrity. After all, a country with a developed economy ensures happiness for its citizens.