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FreeCell for Free

When you have a bit of time to kill, what do you do? Games are the best, most popular method of entertainment when you’ve got a lot of free time or a long wait. FreeCell is one of the most classic games in the world and has been played by millions of people.

What Is It?

FreeCell is a card game that is based on solitaire. You can play it online or download it. What makes it different from most solitaire games is that most hands are completely solvable and it just takes patience. A lot of people play FreeCell as a way to “brain train” – people believe it can actively improve your patience and logic skills. 

This game can be played for free at home. 

How To Play

The FreeCell game includes one deck of 52 individual cards. They are dealt in eight columns, and from these columns you will need to draw your cards to build four stacks of thirteen cards. Each of these stacks has to be built right from the ace to the king. The order goes: Ace, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King. 

At the top left, there are four free cells. You should use these cells to store cards while you play. Next to the free cells, there are the home cells – this is where you build your stacks. 


In order to be a true FreeCell pro, you might need a few tips. Luckily, there is usually a “hint” button in the FreeCell game which can help you when you get stuck. This will light up your next move. If you think a card is hard to see clearly, usually you can right-click it and it will become visible. To release it back to its original position, just release the right-click. 

You should also think strategically, so you should always think ahead. Clear the columns and put the aces to the home cells as soon as you can. If you can see a low card somewhere in a column, it’s best to move them to the home cells early on so you get yourself set up right. 

Always aim to leave a free cell empty so you can shift your cards around a lot more easily. This will make it a lot easier for you to actually play FreeCell and will stop you from getting frustrated. Sometimes it might be a good idea to clear an entire column and fill it again so you can start from a really high card. Obviously, kings are the best but you can do this starting from at least 10. 

Save Your Progress

If you have to leave your game half way through, you don’t have to worry. In a lot of free FreeCell games, there is an option to save your game. When you next open the game to play, you can choose to continue from your saved game. This means you will never have to lose your progress!