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Call Forwarding- How To Do It Correctly?

In the earlier days when the phone was busy, then the other person had to wait to call again. But now, those days are gone. One need not put any sort of message in the voice mail. Now with the help of call forwarding feature, things have turned out to be much easier and simpler than ever before. It is with the help of this feature that calls are allowed to be redirected to some another line.

Here are some steps through which one can understand more about how to forward calls feature in their phones. They are as follows:-

1.       Sign up
Many of the phones may not have this feature as their standard feature. It the people want to use it, and then they should ask their provider to help them with it and then can sign up for this purpose.

There are two types of call forwarding methods and they are listed below as follows:-

·         Conditional Call Forwarding- In this type of forwarding, the calls are only forwarded to another number if the initial one is busy or out of coverage area.
·         Unconditional Call Forwarding- This is self explanatory as it involves no sort of condition. All the calls are forwarded to the other specified phone number directly.
There are some phones which already have the call forwarding option built in and there is no need of signing up in them.

2.       Landlines
·         The process of activating the call forwarding system in the landlines is very easy and simple. The first and the foremost step which a person has to do here is to pick up the main receiver of the phone.
·         There are different types of codes for the different types of call forwarding systems. The next step is that the person should dial the code as per there wish as to what type of forwarding to they really want.
·          Once the code is entered, the other important step that should be taken care of is to dial the 10 digit number as to where they want the calls to be forwarded. It would be set as and when the call is answered.
·         There may be a situation where nobody on the other line is picking up the phone and it is still ringing.  Then what should be done is that the phone should be hanged up and same number should be dialled once again. This would enable the unconditional call forwarding feature and would be beneficial in future.

Now we have understood that with the help of call forwarding, one can easily transfer all the calls to some other phone number. Using this feature on the phone is extremely easy. Once the person has dialled the code, then there would be the sound of three beeps. Later, one can enter the number on which they want to forward the calls. After this step, a tone for the confirmation would be there. Now this feature would be activated on ones phone and one can disable it as and when they want to. There are many different types of plans available for the purpose of call forwarding.