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Why Choosing a Blog Niche Might Not be a Good Idea

Experienced bloggers often suggest novice bloggers to find a niche for building an audience that would help in the growth of the blog. The smaller the niche the better it is for you, as all the bigger niches is supposed to be dominated by bigger blogs. This is fine in case you are trying to sell off a product or service to a specific group of users, but if you want to grow your blog with a huge readership, the idea of having a niche can be dead wrong. It would be better if you go write and post something for wide range of audience, something that would appeal to all, something that would differentiate you from other bloggers.

What must you stay away from?

 Studies reveal that blogs can grow much quicker, but may hit the wall owing to various reasons. Chief among  them is limiting the blog to a narrow niche which inevitably limited their prospective readership. Once these blogs reached their potential readership, there was a steady drop in its growth. Another thing that can hinder the popularity of your blog is not making any difference from other blogs- there are hundreds of blogs that publish writing about the same topic in similar angles. Both of these mistakes can prove to be fatal to the growth of your readership.

A niche can limit your reach:

 If you select a tightly targeted niche, for instance, your blog is about graphic designs, you are definitely limiting your reach. At some point of time, there can be over thousands of people  searching about different aspects of graphic designs, but once they grasp an idea it, your readership would decrease steadily. If your blog is renowned for graphic designs, then the only crowd who would be interested in visiting your blog are the ones who want to hire a graphic designer. Since you are aware that there are many other blogs who offer information about graphic design, your market share is also very limited.

A niche can limit your branding opportunities:

Instead of writing about a broader subject, if you choose just a single concern, you are invariably limiting your branding options. Instead of being well known as a blog with the necessary information web design, you speak of graphic design only. You would bury yourself deep within your niche and struggle to find your way out. But your posts wouldn't be so well received as you thought them to be.

The search engines are smarter than you think them:

In the previous years, it was quite easy to get a high traffic if a blogger remain strictly within the chosen niche. Search engines were not so cognitive back at those times and the only thing that mattered was placing the keyword densely within the content. But today the web's bots are all the more advanced and smarter. Though keywords are crucial, the web crawlers are capable of reading between the lines and they focus on the quality of the content, instead of just counting the number of times the keywords are used.

Browsers are demanding for more:

 Those niche based blogs only spoke of  a little thing, but today people search for a lot of information on a lot of things at a time. So, to strengthen your position in this rat race, you should be able to create a blog that speaks of almost everything. Today, it is a steady increase in the number of blogs that speaks of everything concerning a central idea. For instance, bloggers under the beauty and wellness niche are talking about everything from the latest trends in fashion to which beauty products are perfect for daily use to which exercises would boost your holistic wellness.

How can ditching the niche be beneficial for you:

 These type of blogs generally have many authors where each of them is a master of a particular niche. But when the blog is presented to the online readers, it appears like one umbrella that speaks of everything. The primary reason behind their popularity is informing about a variety of things all within the same blog. Readers love visiting these blogs as they don't have to ransack Google in search of trustworthy blogs, all they want is right here under the same roof. And you too can benefit by promoting your blog as a reliable brand and aim at reaching a larger audience.