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What Should You Pack in Your Priority Box?

Box upon box packed and you’re worn out. You can hardly imagine what it will be like when you begin tearing these same boxes apart in your next home. However, it is important to concentrate on preparing one special container for your move and that would be a priority box. Here’s what you need to know about a priority box and what goes in one.

What is a priority box? A priority box contains those items you to have access to on the day you move into your next home. It contains the things you, your spouse and children must have available right away. One box may do. Regardless, such boxes should be labeled and instructions provided to the moving company foreman to place them in a conspicuous place, such as on the kitchen counter explains the North American Moving Services.

First things first. Perhaps the top priority for all things priority box is your bathroom supplies, beginning with hand towels and toilet paper. Bath towels, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and other personal effects can come in handy. Include enough stuff to allow your children to quickly resume their get-ready-for-bed routine.

Cleaning supplies. Basic cleaning supplies are needed when moving into a new home. Think about cleaning the toilet before first use as well as wiping door knobs and counter tops. Likely, the previous owners thoroughly cleaned the home before they left. But it doesn’t hurt to have cleaning wipes on hand just in case.

Bedding is best. Beyond the bathroom supplies, you’ll need your bedding. Or at least sleeping bags and pillows until you assemble the beds. Your family not only needs those items that help the get ready for bed, but also the bedding (and nightclothes!) that come with it. Here, you might have everyone pack a personal bag filled with pajamas, a change of clothes, stuffed animals, and their favorite toys.

Medications are a must. Some sort of first-aid kit should be included with your priory box. If anyone in your home takes medications, these shouldn’t be kept in the box. Why? Because if they are lost, you have a problem. Instead, medications should be carried in your purse or personal bag and accessible as you transition from one home to the next.

Snacks are a must. Children get hungry and so will you. Although you might order pizza or do take out the first night you are in your home, snacks can quell the hunger and drinks quench the thirst. So, place a sealable container within your priority box, but fill it first. Crackers, candies, and other non-perishable food items are ideal.

Don’t forget your pets. One or more pets with you and you’ll need to look out for their needs too. The priority box should contain their food, snacks, bowls, water, toys and a leash. A dog bed, litter box, and kitty litter are other suggestions.

Keep them entertained. Children will grow bored quickly and unless you have an Internet connection and their device set up, they’ll need other amusements. Books, board games, and playing cards can certainly come in handy here.

Is That Everything?

We listed a lot of stuff that can go in a priority box or what probably is priority boxes at this point! Even with each person having their own overnight bag, you may find that your priorities need further prioritization.

The good news here is that once the first night passes, you’ll have a day to tackle your boxes. By then, whatever wasn’t placed in the priority box and needed, can be found, taken out and put to use. That is, as long as you make unpacking your next priority!