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Tips on How to win a custody battle

Custody of children is an important part of divorce proceedings and the most difficult to settle. The decision of custody may have to be done by the judge, if a mutual consent on shared custody is not formed. A good family law attorney with the right expertise and experience can help you win the case in your favor easily. An attorney specializing in family law would expect you to support in a few aspects for succeeding in the custody. Here are some tips:

Prove you are a better parent

If you are after sole custody, you should ensure that you satisfy the following criteria:

           You should help in the physical health of your child by focusing on the routine eating and sleeping habits, activities after school and in general, the child’s routine. Judges will favor your case, if they find that you encourage a good and healthy lifestyle for the child
           Emotional wellbeing should also be taken care of. For instance, you should allow the other parent to visit the child. This would be in your favor, as judges would prefer the child to have an ongoing smooth relationship with both parents.

Play an Active role 

You should actively participate in the educational activities of your child, even if you have not done this before. This includes interacting with their teachers and having a continuous communication open with them in addition to helping with their homework. Since the evaluation of teachers is an important consideration at court, a family law attorney usually stresses on this matter. 

Other than education, you should also take interest in sports and other activities after school. This not only increases your advantage but also helps in overall development of the child socially and health wise. Having pictures taken of the time you spend with your children will help in making your case stronger.

Satisfying legal considerations

The primary objective of the court in a custody battle is to ensure the child concerned has a stable environment. Parents who do not meet the expectations of the court such as not providing the appropriate childcare, inability to have a steady income, failure to provide proper home environment and not allowing the other parent to visit are strong points that will go against your favor. Some of the factors that courts consider in a custody battle include:

           Personality, ability and disposition of the parent towards raising the child
           Relationship with child
           Employment status, mental and physical health of parent
           Motive for demanding custody
           Ability to encourage relationship of the child with extended family and the other parent

The children’s preference in being with a particular parent is also taken into account. The impact of moving and the parent’s wish regarding relocating is also considered. The quality of the neighborhood where the children will move also influences the decision made by the courts.

Gaining sole custody of your children is a situation that is wrought with various difficulties. Parents involved in the battle are strained emotionally as well as financially due to the separation. The children have to face growing up in a fragmented family. When there is discord in the custody arrangement, the situation can turn nasty easily. It is therefore necessary to get assistance from a reputed and experienced family law attorney specializing in custody cases, if you want to win sole custody.