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Sara's Disabilty Case

Sara Bryman was a quiet woman who loved the small Ontario town where she lived and worked. At 56, she had worked at the local grocery store for over 16 years. While she had had her share of challenges over the years, she enjoyed her job and liked her co- workers.
Sara had suffered from anxiety, depression, and hyper-tension for years, but she had managed to keep it under  control  with medication.

Everything flipped on Sara when her husband left her after twenty-four years of marriage. The news seemed completely unexpected and triggered a depressive episode. Sara found it difficult to leave the house, let alone go to work. She stopped work in July 2013 and was receiving benefits through her insurance company. Sara hoped that the benefits would pay  her for enough time so that she could figure out what she would do to keep herself in her home, and recover enough to go back to  work.

Things were progressing slowly for Sara after two years, when the other shoe dropped. Her insurance company told her that she had to return to work because her benefits were being cut off. They said that at the two year Change of Definition* she could work at another job and although Sara appealed the decision immediately, her appeal was denied. She was incredibly stressed out, both from being ill and from trying to keep herself in her home now that her husband was gone. She began to have mild panic attacks, and her health continued to deteriorate as her situation got worse. 

On the suggestion of her doctor, Sara put in another appeal with her insurance company, hoping that her deteriorating condition would be grounds to re-open her claim. However, she was denied again due to insufficient medical documentation. At the end of her rope, Sara was having a friend over for coffee one day when her friend mentioned
Share Lawyers. Having exhausted all other avenues, Sara called Share Lawyers for a consultation.

Share Lawyers took her case, and helped her find a
specialist who provided the missing documentation to satisfy the insurance company that Sara’s condition was worse than previously thought and there was medical evidence to back up her claim that she could not return to any type of work.

During the claims process, Sara ended up having to sell her home to use the funds to keep herself  afloat. However, with the proceeds from her house and the settlement that Share Lawyers procured for her, Sara was able to make a fresh start in a rented apartment closer to her friends and family.