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ICR Care’ for its Customers

Intelligent call routers are gaining a lot of importance these days. This business is not at all easy and comes across a lot of day to day challenges. It is tough to provide the best customer service, at the same time not forgetting to maintain the cost of telephone calls at the minimum level. The first and the foremost thing is that the customers should be satisfied. This is the main goal and for that they have to provide with the best possible service. At the same time the other challenge in front of them is that they have to maximize their work as much as possible by doing there each and every bit, and being cost effective as well. Only then the work would flourish if done with proper planning.

It is with the presence of ICR that nowadays both of these tasks are possible very easily. The time taken to respond to the calls is very important, and this Intelligent Call Routing helps to direct all the calls in such an effective way that the response time turns out to be minimum. The other benefit is that the operational cost during this process turns out to be minimum with the best sort of work done. The rules and other important details can be modified by the people who are skilled and can be trusted upon. 

The callers call can now be transferred to the same agent to whom they had spoken earlier. This would make the task easy for both the parties as they are already aware of the customers need. This is a great idea as the callers would be satisfied and they would be getting perfect agents as per their needs. This process is known as predictive call routing. Many of the large companies these days follow this system for the process of Intelligent Call Routing


There are many benefits of ICR. They are as follows:-

  1. Helps in Saving up the time
    When a caller calls, then with the help of predictive call routing, he/she is made to speak to the same agent they has a talk before. There may be many things which a customer do not want to enquire about. Talking to the same agent would lower down the burden and at the same time the task for the agent would also become easier as he is well aware to the needs of that specific customer. This would hence, lower the level of frustration amongst both the parties.
  2. Helps the Business to grow
    Now when a customer becomes old, he/she is given many new benefits. New and new promotional techniques are now available. The customers are given much more priority who have called before. This makes the customers much more satisfied and thus, gets impressed with the business. People call on a regular basis as they are well aware of the quality of work the agents would do to keep them satisfied. This makes the business flourish. People talk more and more about it to their family and friends. Now, more and more people are becoming a part of it. This makes the business ultimately grow many a times, leading to the ultimate success.